Isle of Man queen scallop fishery

Queen Scallop Uptake Report

Queen Scallop Uptake Report Week 6

Isle of Man queen scallop fishery 2022

The fishery for queen scallops within the Isle of Man territorial sea commenced on 1 July 2022 with a Total Allowable catch (TAC) of 952 tonnes. The fishery will be managed against this TAC to ensure that it is not exceeded. Uptake against the TAC will be monitored and you will be updated using the table above. Notifications regarding uptake will not be sent and interested parties are advised to check this page periodically.

Isle of Man queen scallop fishery map

Recording your catch

It is a condition of your fishing licence that the master of the vessel shall, in addition to any logbook or electronic logbook, complete the NESTFORMS Electronic Daily Catch Return for all queen scallop fishing activity within the territorial sea. The NESTFORMS Electronic Daily Catch Return must be completed before 23:59 on the day that the fishing activity takes place. Full details of the Isle of Man Fishing Licence may be found at

Isle of Man Queen Scallop Licences 

Sustainable fisheries management is the long term goal of both the Isle of Man Government and the Isle of Man Scallop Management Board (SMB). In November 2014, after a challenging season, the then Isle of Man Queen Scallop Management Board (QMB) met to review the fishery and discuss future management options. The QMB recommended that further measures were necessary and specifically that the Department should investigate options to cap effort. Following a public consultation which demonstrated overwhelming industry support for a cap on effort, a series of recommendations were made by the board and accepted by the Department. 

A copy of the consultation summary is available. 

In March 2015, Isle of Man Queen Scallop Licences were issued to those vessels that were licensed to fish for queen scallops when the consultation was published (December 2014) and which could demonstrate a track record of having fished for 20 or more days for queen scallops, within the territorial sea, over a reference period spanning the queen scallop seasons of 2010-2012.

It was recognised that there would be a number of genuine ‘pipeline’ cases as a result of these new measures and the Department considered these on a case by case basis. Unsuccessful applicants were able to appeal the decision, with appeals being considered by the QMB and applicants notified of the final decision by the Department.

No additional licences will be issued until such time as the stock has recovered to a level considered, by the Department, to be capable of sustaining additional effort. 

Vessel / licence owners are strongly advised to contact the Department at the earliest opportunity should they anticipate changes to their circumstances which may affect the Isle of Man Queen Scallop Licence or their ability to prosecute the fishery.

A copy of the Department’s policy on the Isle of Man Queen Scallop Licence (IOMQSCL) can be found in the downloadable documents section above.

For further information, please contact the Fisheries Directorate on +44 1624 685857 or email