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King Scallop appeals

Appeals procedure for Isle of Man king scallop licences

An appeals procedure was put in place for those vessels not qualifying for initial entry, based on the process outlined below:

Vessel eligibility for king scallop fishing from 1 November 2016, within both 0-3 and 3-12 Nautical Miles (NM), was determined via a track-record based process using data from VMS and electronic log-book sources.

Criteria 0-3 NM Area 0-12 NM Area
Reference period 2010/11 – 2015/2016 2011/12 – 2014/2015
Number of unique fishing years in reference period Yes No
Number of fishing days in reference period Yes (inside 0-3 NM) Yes

For <15m vessels: minimum 
50 days in ICES 36, 37 and 38E5.

For >15m vessels, minimum 
26 days in ICES 36, 37 and 38E5.
Total landings in reference period Yes (from the 0-3 NM) No
Economic link Yes (% landings into Manx ports) No

Note: the eligibility for queen scallop fishing within the territorial sea remained unchanged from those vessels licenced via the 2015 Isle of Man queen scallop consultation process.

To appeal against the Department's decision in relation to king scallop licences for the territorial sea, applicants were asked to provide supportingevidence. The Department considered evidence which related to the reference period:

  • For appeals relating to 0-3nm – scallop seasons from 01/11/10 – 31/05/16
  • For appeals relating to 3-12nm – scallop seasons from 01/11/11 – 31/05/15

Examples of documents that the department would consider include (but not limited to):

  • Evidence of owner or vessel fishing activity e.g. logbook entries, sales notes
  • Evidence to support periods of reduced fishing activity due to technical or ill health
  • Any information which can corroborate the above.
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