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IOM licencing

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The Department is considering new proposals on licence fees. A consultation was held in 2018 and information on this is available.

To fish commercially from a registered-fishing vessel within the Isle of Man’s territorial sea, there are several licencing requirements. UK and IOM licences must be held for the vessel, other factors that are considered, as part of the licencing process, are vessel size and length, engine power and fishing methods to be employed.  

A guide to the licensing requirements for the most popular species caught in the territorial sea, will be available here to download shortly, but in the meantime please contact for the Fisheries Directorate for more information. Meanwhile, a licence application form can be downloaded from this page.

Licensing of Foreign (non-UK licenced) Fishing Vessels

Activity within the territorial sea for certain foreign vessels is currently restricted through the London Fisheries Convention 1964; however, this falls upon the exit of the UK from the European Union.

With effect from exit day, the Sea Fishing Licensing (Amendment) Regulations 2019 provide for sea fishing licences to be issued to qualifying fishing vessels that can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Department that they have previously fished in Manx territorial waters at least once in the three years prior to the 1 September 2019.

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