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Fisheries Grants

Agriculture and Fisheries Grant Scheme

The Agriculture and Fisheries Grant Scheme 2016 is designed to aid development within the Isle of Man’s farming, fisheries and food production. A number of grants are being offered as part of the Scheme to support commercial businesses in making investments to improve the sustainability of their businesses.

Fisheries Grants

The purpose of grants to the fisheries’ industry is to provide grant support to commercial fishermen and processors to encourage sustainable and diversified fisheries, improved productivity, safety at sea, contribute to reduced reliance on imports and to promote economic growth within the fisheries’ sector.

Grant assistance is targeted towards aiding and developing the Island’s fisheries’ sector in line with:

  • reducing production costs
  • improving production and product quality
  • sustainable fishing methods
  • increasing marketability
  • facilitating diversification to other fish species
  • preserving the natural environment
  • improving knowledge and skills
  • improving safety at sea

Applications can be made by commercial fishermen, fishing vessel owners, fish processors, recognised fishing industry bodies*, young fishermen*, and fish aquaculture businesses.

*Please see guidance notes for the definition of recognised fishing industry bodies and the definition of young fishermen.

Food Business Development Grants

Food business development section of the Agriculture and Fisheries Grant Scheme is a business development scheme for agricultural, horticultural and food businesses. Applications will be accepted from agricultural production businesses, horticultural production businesses, Fishery production businesses and registered food businesses.

Knowledge and Innovation Grants

An application may be made by any individual or an individual, on behalf of a group, who wish to travel off the Island in order to attend training sessions/courses, seminars, conferences or similar, with a view to improving their understanding of their sector of the industry. Individuals must work in agriculture, horticulture, food production or fisheries activities, or be employed by a recognised industry body on the Island. A group must consist of individuals representing at least 3-registered businesses or recognised industry bodies and they must travel together.

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