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Reviews Process


You may be entitled to ask for a review where the Isle of Man CAA (IOMCAA) has made a decision or issued a proposal with regard to the following:

  • Registration of aircraft
  • Certificate of operators of aircraft
  • Certificate of airworthiness of aircraft
  • Noise certificate
  • Certificate of compliance with the requirements for the emission by aircraft engines of unburned hydrocarbons
  • Personnel licensing
  • Licensing of aerodromes
  • Validation of any approval, certificate, licence, rating or qualification

IOMCAA Decisions and Proposals

If an applicant is notified by the IOMCAA:

  • of a decision that it would be inexpedient in the public interest for an aircraft to be registered in the Isle of Man; or,
  • that an application for the grant, validation or variation of a certificate, licence, approval, authorisation or rating is refused or granted in terms other than those requested by the applicant;
  • of a proposal to cancel the registration of an aircraft;
  • of a proposal to revoke, suspend or vary a certificate, licence, approval, authorisation, validation or rating;

the applicant may, within 14 days of the decision or proposal being notified:

  • request that the decision be reviewed by the IOMCAA; or,
  • provide to the IOMCAA representations regarding the proposal.

The Process

To initiate an review, simply write or email the IOMCAA official who has sent you the decision or proposal, clearly stating that you wish the matter to be reviewed.

An IOMCAA member of staff who is independent from the original proposal, decision making will then be appointed to manage the review and will be able to answer any queries about the process.

The final decision of the IOMCAA will only be made after the completion of the review. The applicant will be informed of the outcome and the reasons for the decision. A copy of the final report will be sent to the applicant

Please note that regardless of the request for a review, the IOMCAA may provisionally cancel the aircraft registration, or provisionally suspend or vary any certificate, licence, approval, authorisation, validation, or rating.

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