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Personnel Licensing

The Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration does not issue any personnel licenses. However, in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requirements, we validate certain personnel licenses issued by other States. 

Isle of Man Registered Aircraft

Flight crew and maintenance engineers for Isle of Man registered aircraft must hold a licence validation issued by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

For further details see the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry website.

Isle of Man Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO)

Persons acting as ATCO and student ATCO in the Isle of Man must hold an ATCO or student ATCO licence granted in an EU Member State and validated by the Isle of Man CAA. CAA Publication 8 (CP8) provides further information and guidance.

Flight Crew of Aircraft Registered Elsewhere than the Isle of Man

A person must not act as a member of the flight crew of an aircraft registered in a country other than the Isle of Man unless that person is the holder of an appropriate license:

  • granted or rendered valid by the country in which the aircraft is registered or
  • for an aircraft flying for the purpose of commercial air transport or aerial work, the State of the operator

The Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration considers the UK NPPL(A), NPPL(H) and EASA LAPL to be appropriate licences and has No Operational Objection to flights being conducted to, from and within the Isle of Man by flight crew operating in accordance with the privileges and any other conditions of the license.

For further information see:


UK Civil Aviation Authority ORS4 No 1260 exempts, subject to conditions and exclusions, holders of EASA Part-FCL Private Pilot Licences and Light Aircraft Pilot Licences from the requirement to hold an EASA Part-Med medical certificate when operating a United Kingdom (G) registered EASA aircraft. The exemption is not applicable in the Isle of Man without the approval of the relevant aviation authority.

The application of ORS4 No 1260 in the Isle of Man is acceptable to the Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration and that licence holders exercising their privileges under ORS4 1260 are considered to meet the Island’s requirements for flight crew to hold an appropriate licence granted under the law of the country in which the aircraft is registered.

For further information see:

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