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Foreign Carrier Permits


Subject to the exceptions below, operators and charterers of aircraft registered in a foreign country require a Foreign Carrier Permit in order to undertake commercial air transport to, from and within the Isle of Man.

Flights to/from and within the Isle of Man do NOT require UK Third Country Operator Certificates.


This requirement for a Foreign Carrier Permit does NOT apply to aircraft operating under the privileges of an Air Operators Certificate issued by the following*:

  • the UK
  • a member State of the European Economic Area
  • an Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency of the UK
  • Switzerland

* Subject to the following conditions:

  • Aircraft must not be leased from another aircraft operator unless specifically authorised by the Department.
  • Neither the State of Operator nor the aircraft operator shall be subject to a ban or any operating restriction under the UK Air Safety List established under Regulation (EC) No 2111/2005 as retained in UK law as a result of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.


The administration of Foreign Carrier Permits is conducted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority on our behalf. Applications should be made directly to the UK Civil Aviation Authority following the UK processes. The application is subject to the normal UK charges.

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