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Isle of Man Drone Requirements

If you are flying a small unmanned aircraft (including radio-controlled model aircraft and multi-rotor drones), you must always do so safely. Like any aircraft, small unmanned aircraft (‘SUA’) can pose a hazard to other aircraft and also to people and property on the ground. It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are designed to keep everyone safe. Please note that the UK and European SUA regulations do not apply on the Isle of Man.

The legislative requirements and further guidance on the use of SUA in the Isle of Man can be found in CAA Publication 4 (CP4).

Fly safely

You must always keep your SUA in sight. This means you can see and avoid other aircraft and obstacles on the ground while flying.

You must not fly your SUA:

  • at night as it can be very difficult to monitor your SUA flight properly so that you can avoid collisions
  • over 400 feet above the ground. This reduces the chance of a conflict with a manned aircraft
  • over or within 150m of a substantially residential, industrial, commercial or recreational area
  • over or within 150m of an organised open-air assembly of more than 1000 people
  • closer than 50m to people and properties (30m from people during take-off and landing)
  • within 5km of the Isle of Man Airport
  • in the vicinity of the Isle of Man Prison at Jurby

unless you have permission from the Isle of Man CAA.

Remember you are responsible for each flight and failure to fly responsibly could result in criminal prosecution.  Stay well away from aircraft and airfields. If your SUA endangers the safety of an aircraft it is a criminal offence and you could go to prison.


If you are unsure if your planned flight needs permission, please contact us beforehand to check. We can issue permissions for specific activities or events, or annual permissions where that would be beneficial.

Permissions issued by the UK CAA are not valid in the Isle of Man and you must apply separately to the Isle of Man CAA. You should check your Isle of Man permission carefully as the conditions may be different from permissions issued elsewhere.

You can apply for permission using CAA Form 4. You will need to provide an acceptable safety case which demonstrates that you have addressed any relevant safety risks and that you are competent to make the flight, including adequate theoretical knowledge and practical flying experience. You must also develop operational procedures pertinent to the risks of the flight, and we may ask to see these in advance.

Permission holders

A list of current permission holders, along with the permissions they hold and their validity is available for viewing.

Safety concerns

SUA Operators must report any safety occurrences involving their SUA to the Isle of Man CAA on CAA Form 1.

Members of the public wishing to make a complaint about a SUA that they consider is being operated unsafely should contact the Isle of Man Constabulary by telephone on +44 1624 631212.

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