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CAA Publications and Forms

Civil Aviation Administration Publications (CP)

CP1 – Wind Turbines

Policy and guidance on a range of issues associated with wind turbines and their effect on aviation that will need to be considered by aviation stakeholders, wind energy developers and decision makers in respect of planning applications and applications for Marine Infrastructure consents when assessing the viability of wind turbine developments on the Isle of Man and within Isle of Man territorial waters.

CP2 – Air Displays

Policy and guidance on the conduct and management of air displays in the Isle of Man.

CP3 – Units of Measurement

Policy on the standardisation of weights and measures in the civil aviation industry

CP4 – Small Unmanned Aircraft

Policy and guidance on the operation of drones and model aircraft in the Isle of Man.

CP5 – Meteorological Services for Air Navigation

Specifies how the Standards and Recommended Practices contained within ICAO Annex 3 are met through the activities of the Isle of Man CAA and Isle of Man Airport.

CP6 – Aeronautical Information Management

Specifies how the Standards and Recommended Practices contained within ICAO Annex 15 are met through the activities of the Isle of Man CAA and Isle of Man Airport.

CP7 – Occurrence, Serious Incident and Accident Reporting

Guidance on the processes and procedures for the reporting of occurrences, serious incidents and accidents that occur within the Isle of Man.

CP10 – State Safety Programme for the Isle of Man

Details the management of civil aviation safety in the Isle of Man in order to achieve an acceptable level of safety performance.

CP11 – Air Traffic Services

Policy and guidance on the provision of air traffic services in the Isle of Man.

CP12 – Aerodrome Operations

Policy and guidance on the operation of licensed aerodromes in the Isle of Man.

CP13 – Dangerous Goods

Policy and guidance on the safe transport of dangerous goods by air for aircraft operating in the Isle of Man.

CP14 – Isle of Man Aviation Security Quality Control Programme

Details the Isle of Man CAA arrangements for the conduct of inspections, surveys, audits and tests of aviation security, as well as corrective activity, enforcement and penalties.

CP15 – Rules of the Air

Consolidation of the Rules of the Air applicable both in the Isle of Man and to Isle of Man Registered Aircraft elsewhere.

CP16 – Isle of Man Database on Supply Chain Security

Listing of cargo Regulated Agents located in the Isle of Man.

Civil Aviation Administration Forms

CAA Form 1 – Occurrence Report

Reports an occurrence to IOMCAA. Reports must be submitted within 72 hours of the occurrence.

CAA Form 2 – Change Notification

Notify the IOMCAA about changes to aerodrome and/or ATC provision.

CAA Form 3 – Lights, Fireworks, Balloons

Notify the IOMCAA about lights, fireworks, toy balloons and sky lanterns.

CAA Form 4 – Small Unmanned Aircraft Permissions

Apply for permission to use a small unmanned aircraft in the Isle of Man.

CAA Form 5 – Breach of ATC Rostering System

Notify the IOMCAA of a breach of an ATC rostering system.

Safety Insight

Issue 01/21 – Safe Final Approach Considerations for ATC

This issue of Safety Insight focuses on how air traffic controllers and assistants can contribute to and provide defences from an unsafe final approach.

Issue 01/20 – Occurrence Reporting

This issue of Safety Insight focuses on new aviation occurrence reporting requirements for the Isle of Man, and gives guidance on how to comply.

Isle of Man Aviation Legislation

Civil Aviation legislation

Aviation Safety

Restriction of Flying

Aviation Security

Miscellaneous Aviation legislation

General Exemptions, Approvals, Directions & Permissions

General exemptions, approvals, permissions, directions and temporary regulations apply either to all aviation activities and operations within the Isle of Man, or for all Isle of Man registered aircraft regardless of their global location. 

Specific exemptions/approvals/directions/permissions that are issued directly to a particular operator or aircraft are not listed.


18/2016 - Carriage of Munitions of War by Police Officers

19/2016 – Carriage of Munitions of War and Sporting Weapons in Unaccompanied Passenger Baggage


03/2017 - ADF equipage

07-2017 – Permit to Fly Without Certificate of Airworthiness


15/2018 – Certificates of Airworthiness and Validation of Permits to Fly


04/2019 – Supplementary Oxygen

10-2019 – ACAS

11-2019 – SAR Air Navigation Order

16/2019 Maintenance Check Flights


04/2020 - Flight with UK National Permit to Fly

2020-102 – CRS M Procedures

2020/103 - Liferafts

2020/165 - Small unmanned aircraft


2021/009 – Issue of a CRS

2021/013 – Restriction on Carriage for Valuable Consideration in Aircraft Registered in a Foreign Country

2021/018 – Hand Sanitiser

2021/035 – Exceptions to minimum height requirements

2021/036 – Police AOC operations

2021/037 – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service operations

2021/038 – Landing and taking-off near open air assemblies

2021/039 – Emergency services helicopters landing and taking-off near open-air assemblies

2021/040 – VMC distance from cloud in Class G airspace during daylight

2021/041 – Compliance with cruising level requirements

2021/042 – ATC clearance (Police, HEMS, SAR)

2021/043 – ATC clearance (maintenance of the national infrastructure)

2021/044 – VFR and Special VFR at night

2021/045 – Search and Rescue Operations

2021/072 – Police and SAR helicopter take-off and landing at night

2021/074 – Demonstration and Delivery Flights

2021/075 – Transitional Aircraft

2021/076 - Glider Towing in Permit-to-Fly Aircraft

2021/078 - SERA Emergency Services Helicopters Landing Taking Off Near Open Air Assembly

2021/079 - SERA Emergency Services Helicopters Nobles HLS


2022/023 – Identification Plate

2022/024 – FAA Licence Validations

2022/032 – Aerodrome Operating Minima

2022/058 – Balloon congested area take-off, becalmed landing and open-air assembly

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