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Aircraft Noise and Disturbance

The Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration (IOM CAA) primary role is to regulate aviation safety and security on the Island. Please note that we have no legal mandate to investigate aircraft noise or disturbance complaints. The following information may be of assistance in understanding the origins of the aircraft and the limits of our remit.

Isle of Man Airport

You may see aircraft taking off and landing at Isle of Man Airport. Arriving aircraft normally line up with the landing runway at a distance of around 8 miles from the runway. The Airport is licenced by the IOM CAA; therefore, aircraft operations to and from the Airport are subject to our aviation safety and security oversight and regulation.

Private Landing Sites

Flights by certain aircraft do not need to use a ‘licensed aerodrome’. In simple terms, a private flight by a light aeroplane or helicopter may land and take off at a private unlicensed landing site. Such sites may have a traditional delineated runway or could be an unmarked landing area such as an appropriate field. The operator of the aircraft is responsible for ensuring the suitability of the landing and take-off area.

Local Area Flying

You may see and hear aircraft flying in the local area. In order to ensure safe aircraft operations, all civil aircraft are subject to the Rules of the Air Regulations which specify minimum heights and other safety parameters, regardless of where they are taking off, landing or flying.

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