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Aircraft Accidents and Serious Incidents

Following initial emergency response alerting, serious incidents and accidents occurring in the Isle of Man shall be reported without delay to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) (telephone: 01252 512299) by aircraft commanders/operators and aerodrome operators, providing as much of the following information as is known:

  • type, model, nationality and registration marks of the aircraft
  • names of the owner, operator and hirer (if any) of the aircraft
  • name of the commander of the aircraft
  • date and time (UTC) of the accident or serious incident
  • last point of departure and the next point of intended landing of the aircraft
  • position of the aircraft in relation to some easily defined geographical location
  • number of:
    • crew on board and the number killed or seriously injured;
    • passengers on board and the number killed or seriously injured
    • other persons killed or seriously injured as a result of the accident
    • nature of the accident or serious incident and the extent of damage as far as is known

Isle of Man Requirements

The Isle of Man legislative requirements and further guidance is provided in CAA Publication 7 (CP7).

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