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Air Displays


The information below provides a brief overview on the essential processes and procedures for the organisation and management of air displays in the Isle of Man. CAA Publication 2 (CP2) provides further information and guidance.

Safety and administrative arrangements

If planning a flying display at which the general public are permitted onto the site for the purposes of witnessing the Flying Display, with or without payment, a flying display permission will be required. Permissions for flying displays will only be granted to a Flying Display Director (FDD); such permission will be granted if satisfied as to the fitness and competence of the FDD to organise safely the proposed flying display. Further details are set out in CAA Publication 2 (CP2).

Display pilots

The IOMCAA does not issue pilot display authorisations but requires the pilot of the display aircraft to hold such an authorisation from their licensing authority.

Parachute Displays

Display parachuting itself does not constitute a Display Item requiring a Flying Display Permission. However, parachute display teams must be in possession of a valid parachuting Permission as required by Article 95A of the Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order.

Parachute dropping aircraft are NOT permitted to execute a low pass after the drop, unless the pilot holds a valid Display Authorisation and an exemption from the low flying provisions of the Rules of the Air, or is in accordance with arrangements put in place by a permitted FDD.

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