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An aerodrome is an area of land or water designed, equipped, set apart or commonly used for affording facilities for the landing and departure of aircraft. This includes an area or space on the ground or on the roof of a building that is designed, equipped, or set apart for affording facilities for the landing and departure of aircraft capable of descending or climbing vertically.

Licensing of aerodromes

Aerodromes in the Isle of Man fall into two categories: licensed and unlicensed. In most cases, flights for the purpose of the commercial air transport of passengers must use a licenced aerodrome; the Isle of Man Airport (Ronaldsway) is currently the only licenced aerodrome in the Island. Private flights may use an unlicensed aerodrome, subject to the owner’s consent.

An aerodrome licence is granted to a named individual if the IOM CAA is satisfied that:

  • the applicant is competent, having regard to the applicant’s previous conduct and experience;
  • the aerodrome equipment, organisation, staffing maintenance, physical characteristics and its surroundings and other arrangements are safe for use by aircraft;
  • an effective safety management system is in place; and
  • adequate operating procedures are contained in an Aerodrome Manual.

The above arrangements ensure the safety of the aerodrome at all times that it is in operation, including periods when the named licence holder is away from the aerodrome or otherwise unavailable for duty. A new licence in a different name is only issued in the event that the current holder becomes unavailable on a long-term or permanent basis.

Isle of Man requirements

CAA Publication CP12 sets out the requirements for licenced aerodromes in the Isle of Man, including:

  • Identifying relevant legislation and Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration policy requirements for the operation of licensed aerodromes in the Isle of Man; and
  • clarifying the relationship to European Union aerodrome operation requirements and the respective roles of the Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration and the UK Civil Aviation Authority.
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