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Civil Aviation Administration (CAA)


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Welcome to the Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration (IOM CAA). Here you will find links to aviation legislation and other documents that provide information and guidance on the safety and security of civil aviation in the Isle of Man.

The IOM CAA is the division of the Government's Department for Enterprise that is responsible for regulating aviation safety and security in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is a part of the IOM CAA.

The IOM CAA is responsible for ensuring aviation legislation in the Isle of Man meets International Civil Aviation Organisation ('ICAO') Standards and Recommended Practices and other relevant aviation standards.

The IOM CAA may from time to time issue permissions and exemptions to aviation legislation and copies of the current documents are available through this webpage.

State Safety Programme

The Isle of Man State Safety Programme (SSP) details the Island’s management of civil aviation safety, as required by Annex 19 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (the Chicago Convention). The SSP includes detail on the Isle of Man’s aviation:

  • regulatory system and legislative framework
  • safety responsibilities and accountabilities
  • safety policy
  • accident and incident investigation
  • enforcement policy
  • safety risk management, assurance and promotion

Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration Safety Policy 

The IOMCAA is committed to developing and implementing effective strategies, regulatory frameworks and processes to ensure that aviation activities under our oversight achieve the highest practicable level of safety. To this end we will:

  • set Isle of Man standards that are in line with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices

  • adopt a data-driven and performance-based approach to safety regulation and industry oversight activities where appropriate

  • identify safety trends within the aviation industry and adopt a risk-based approach to address areas of greater safety concern or need

  • monitor and measure the safety performance of our aviation system continuously through the State’s aggregate safety indicators as well as service providers’ safety performance indicators

  • collaborate and consult with the aviation industry to address safety matters and continuously enhance aviation safety

  • promote good safety practices and a positive organisation safety culture within the industry based on sound safety management principles

  • encourage safety information collection, analysis and exchange amongst all relevant industry organisations and service providers, with the intent that such information is to be used for safety management purposes only

  • allocate sufficient financial and human resources for safety management and oversight, and

  • equip staff with the proper skills and expertise to discharge their safety oversight and management responsibilities competently

Privacy Notice – Isle of Man CAA & Isle of Man Aircraft Registry

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