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Business Improvement Scheme

The Business Improvement Scheme ('BIS') is an initiative of the Department for Enterprise ('DfE') designed to help businesses develop their business skills and management competencies.

The scheme offers a grant of 50% towards the cost of projects in a wide range of business disciplines up to a maximum level of assistance of £5,000 per project, other than the Digital Marketing/Social Media Consultancy and Website disciplines, where the maximum value of support is £10,000 per project. Businesses wishing to apply under the Digital Marketing/Social Media Consultancy and Website disciplines must do so by 31st March 2021 in order to take advantage of the increased £10,000 support. Applications received after the 31st March 2021 under these disciplines will be eligible for £5,000 only as per the other disciplines.

The range of services on offer to businesses include expert consultancy to deliver complete business solutions and strategic business development advice including Business Advisory Services to help businesses become more effective and efficient.

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These are:

  • Brexit
  • Business Advisory Service – 100% funded by the Department
  • Digital Marketing / Social Media
  • Environmental Efficiency
  • Information Communication Technology / Information Systems
  • Intellectual Property Protection Support
  • Legal Advice Concerning External Investment in Businesses
  • Legislation Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Quality Accreditations
  • Websites

Each BIS project delivers a complete business solution in any of the business disciplines above. The scheme guidelines and application form can also be found on this page.

Skanco recently took advantage of the Department's Business Improvement Scheme to obtain an ISO Quality Accreditation. Hear what Operations Manager Andy Gosnell had to say about the experience.

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