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Breeding establishments - licence conditions

Application forms will be sent out in January of each year to previously registered 'Breeding Establishments'. With effect from 1st April the fee payable is £97. The completed application form and the fee should be returned to Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) Agriculture by 31 January of the same year.

A Veterinary Officer will arrange to visit and inspect the premises. Following a satisfactory inspection, the current year Licence will be issued together with a covering letter from the Inspecting Officer.

Licence conditions:

  • Accommodation provided for bitches and puppies must be, in all respects, suitable as regards construction, size of quarters, exercising and whelping facilities, temperature, ventilation and cleanliness, with special regard to the breeds maintained

  • Natural or artificial lighting of individual kennels must be sufficient to allow the proper working and cleaning of kennels, with no dark areas

  • Kennels must be of sufficient size for dogs to stand up and turn around comfortably. If a bench is provided for the sleeping area, there must be an area of similar size unbenched

  • All excreta and soiled material must be removed at least twice daily from the exercise area. The floor of the living areas must be kept clean and dry

  • All exercise runs must be paved or surfaced with other suitable material in order to prevent undue fouling of the ground

  • All animals accommodated at the premises must be provided with bedding material suitable to the breeds kept and must be given adequate exercise. Where sleeping benches are provided these should be of such dimensions as to allow an adult dog of the breed maintained to lie out flat on its side

  • Facilities must be provided for the collection of all used bedding and other waste material which must be disposed of in a manner approved by the department, and in a way not likely to cause harm or nuisance

  • All animals must have access to wholesome drinking water at all times, except in the case of very young puppies

  • Animals must be adequately supplied with suitable food and visited at suitable intervals

  • The food preparation area and equipment must be kept clean and vermin-free at all times. Refrigeration facilities must be provided where fresh meat is used

  • All bulk supplies of food must be kept in vermin-free containers

  • Every precaution must be taken to eliminate flies throughout the kennel

  • All heating appliances must be of such construction as to constitute no risk of fire and not to endanger the health and well-being of occupants. In addition, if free-standing oil appliances, they must be installed in an area inaccessible to dogs. All heating and lighting should be installed in accordance with normal good practice and advice on the subject should be obtained from a fire-prevention officer

  • Animals and equipment must not be placed in such a position as to render entry or exit difficult in case of fire

  • The licensee shall ensure that he or a responsible person shall at all times be in, or within reasonable distance from the premises for the purpose of giving warning and taking other necessary steps in the event of fire or other emergency. An adequate and accessible supply of water and sand and/or an efficient fire extinguisher must always be available on the premises outside the kennels, and the positions clearly marked

  • A register shall be kept of all bitches in the establishment, their ages, dates of heat-periods, mating and whelping

  • Washing and lavatory facilities must be available for staff

  • The licence is non transferable

For further information please contact:

Animal Health Team – Regulation Directorate

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St John's


Telephone:+44 1624 685844

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