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Please ring +44 1624 451220 with any queries or to check times for wool intake.

Wool Control provides a service to sheep farmers by offering a guaranteed market for their wool.

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture purchases nearly all wool produced on the Island. A small amount of this is sold locally - for example to the Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. The bulk - about 140,000 kg per year - is sold at auction in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

After sheep are clipped, their wool is stored on farm and subsequently brought into the Wool Control to be graded and packed, ready to be shipped off the Island.

Manx wool may be graded into any of 14 categories. The finer grades are worth more money since they can usually be sold for use as hand-knitting yarn, tweeds or blankets, and mattress and futon manufacture. Wool from lowland cross-bred or hill sheep is usually used in carpet manufacture.

Coloured wool can be awkward to dye, which restricts its market to grey or dark coloured yarn or carpets.

From production on farms, Manx wool can end up in many different parts of the world: Japan, China, USA, Italy, Scotland and Australia to name but a few.

After all the wool is sold, the producer receives the average sale price achieved for each grade less the handling costs incurred by DEFA.

The Control of Wool (Isle of Man) Order

This details the price per kilo of wool, based upon the description or grade of wool, to be paid by the Department. Where wools have faults etc, are heavy with grease etc, or are inferior, deductions will be made. The prices paid to producers are based on the average price achieved for the grade of wool at auction less Wool Control charges and 'British Wool Marketing Board' marketing costs.

In line with The Control of Wool (Isle of Man) Order, 1957, no individual or business should retain or dispose of any wool other than to Wool Control, unless they have a licence to do so. If you would like to apply for such a licence you will find the “Application/Annual Return Form - For Licence to Retain Own Produced Wool” and the Guidelines for Applicants under the downloadable documents on this webpage. The applicant must send a completed Application Form to the Department before they start retaining their own produced wool and the licences are authorised on a five year basis. In addition, the applicant must also supply the Department with an Annual Return prior to each season throughout the duration of the licence. The Application Form and the Annual Return Form have been combined into one document and the applicant will need to fill in the appropriate section which depends on what they are using it for. You will be able to find if you are eligible for a licence and further information in the Guidelines for Applicants.

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