Electronic Identification (EID)

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A sheep has lost both tags and cannot be identified

You must remark with red electronic, and red matching numerical tag. This animal will not be acceptable for export.

A sheep has lost one of an EID tag pair

You can replace with another set of EID and numerical tags. You must record the original sheep identity and the new one, in your flock records.

Animals born before 1 August 2010?

They should already be marked under the old Order (Sheep and Goat Identification Order 2000). However, animals born from 1 January 2010 onwards which are intended for live export (including to GB) will need to comply with the new rules.

Buying tags

Currently the approved devices which are available are:

  • EID SET tags Shearwell Data Ltd
  • SET tags Shearwell Data Ltd
  • EID AUTO SET tags Shearwell Data Ltd
  • AUTO SET tags Shearwell Data Ltd
  • Combi Mini tags Shearwell Data Ltd
  • EID Slaughter tags Shearwell Data Ltd

To order Shearwell tags telephone  01643 841611 or e-mail sales@shearwell.co.uk

  • Allflex UK Group Limited      EID Bubblegum
  • Allflex UK Group Limited      Visual Bubblegum
  • Allflex UK Group Limited      Mini FDX button
  • Allflex UK Group Limited      Visual button
  • Allflex UK Group Limited      Visual Ovina

To order Allflex tags contact Helen Sheppard of Allflex UK Group Limited directly on 01858 881357. (Please be aware that none of these are slaughter type tags).

You are not obliged to have a scanner.

Goat marking requirements

Requirements are similar to those for sheep excepting there is no general requirement for EID and they must be identified by 6 months of age. For further information please contact:

Animal Health Team – Regulation Directorate

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St John's


Telephone:+44 1624 685844

Email:Send Email

Main changes in the requirements for identification of sheep from 1 August 2010

Animals born from this time will require to be marked with 2 means of identification bearing the same information and 1 of these must be Electronic Identification (EID), except for sheep intended for on-Island slaughter under the age of 12 months. Animals for export are required to be double marked, the details depending on their date of birth.

Marking required for sheep born after 1/8/2010

Animals born from 1 August 10 onwards and are intended for slaughter on the Isle of Man before 12 months of age are required to have a single yellow ear tag containing the triskelar symbol, the letters 'UK', followed by the flock mark and individual identification number. All other animals born from 1 August 10 onwards require 2 identification marks:

'Primary': EID identification

In the form of a yellow EID tag or a bolus. They must contain the same information as the Secondary means of identification and in the case of a tag must have the number written on the outside as well.

'Secondary': Tag

This tag must contain the triskelar symbol, the letters 'UK', the flock mark and the individual identification number. If an EID Primary tag has been used then this secondary mark can be any colour, or combination of colour, as long as it is not red or black. These colours are reserved for unidentifiable sheep (red) and bolused UK sheep (black). If an EID bolus has been used, then this secondary mark must be a black tag, containing the information as above.

They require marking when they leave the holding or by 9 months of age, whichever is the earliest.

Sheep that need to be marked that were born before 1 August 2010

They need to be double tagged, details dependent on date of birth. Please contact the Animal Health section of the Agriculture Directorate for further details.

Why the changes?

The changes are required to bring us in line with EU rules so we can continue to trade with EU member states, including Great Britain.