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Veterinary medicine residue sampling of raw milk samples commenced in November 2019 and we must submit 300 samples for analysis each year.  This equates to approximately 10 samples throughout the year per dairy farm. 

A 250ml sample will be taken directly from the on-farm bulk tank by a DEFA Authorised Officer. To validate the sampling, the Officer requires the respective dairy farmer (as the owner or keeper of the animals) to witness and countersign the tamperproof bag that the sample is placed in. 

Samples are then sent weekly to a UK laboratory for analysis. 

Each milk sample is randomly screened for the following: AMS 1, AMS 2, AMS 3, AMS 4, Anthelmintics, Avermectins, Cefquinonme, Ceftiofur, Chloramphenicol, Metals, Mycotoxins, NSAIDs, OC/PCBs, OPs, Oestradiol and Testosterone. 

The results are listed below: 

Date of CollectionNumber of SamplesNegativePositive
01/11/2019 6 6 0
07/11/2019 1 1 0
08/11/2019 7 7 0
14/11/2019 7 7 0
22/11/2019 9 9 0
Totals: 30 30 0

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