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Blood and Animal Feed

Veterinary medicine residue sampling of blood and animal feed samples commenced in November 2019 and we must submit samples of both for analysis each year.  

We already submit red meat samples taken at the Meat Plant, however, the expanded plan requires us to take a small number of on-farm samples each year.  These include blood samples from fattening cattle and also feed samples (taken direct from feed troughs) from fattening cattle and pigs. 

In the case of blood samples we aim to coordinate these with TB tests so the cattle are already being put through the handling system.  If there are no fattening cattle eligible for the TB test (i.e. over 2 years of age) then we ask that a younger fattening animal is put into the handling system to allow a Veterinary Officer to take the blood sample. 

The samples will be taken by a DEFA Authorised Officer (a Veterinary Officer in the case of the blood samples) who will require your presence (as owner or keeper of the animals) to countersign the tamperproof bag that the sample has been placed in. 

For the year 2020, we are required to submit two cattle feed samples and four pig feed samples along with three blood samples from fattening cattle. 

Samples are then sent to a UK laboratory for analysis. 

The results are listed below: 

Fattening Cattle Feed 2 0
Pig Feed 4 0
Total 6 0

Fattening Cattle Blood Serum 3 0
Total 3 0

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