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Pig Premium Scheme 2018

The Pig Premium Scheme 2018 is a premium support based scheme for existing and new pig producers on the Island. To be eligible for the support, the businesses will need to demonstrate they fulfil all of the criteria of the scheme.

A review of all the schemes which made up pig sector support was instigated due to the transition of support payments under the Agriculture Development Scheme to being fully flat rate based which meant that the pig industry faced the loss of the historic entitlement based payments. As a result the Pig Premium Scheme 2018 has been introduced; the Pig Premium Quota Scheme 2009 and Pig Industry Restructuring Assistance Scheme 2011 have been revoked.

Applications will be accepted from both existing and new pig rearing units as long as they demonstrate that they fulfil the following criteria.

- The pigs produced have a Route to a genuine Market

- The Carcase meets Classification criteria

- The pigs have been reared on a Red Tractor Assured Premises

- Produce, retain and review on an annual basis the following documents:

  • Herd Health Plan
  • Nutrient (fertiliser) Management Plan
  • Evidence of Benchmarking

Please refer to the guidance notes on this webpage, they provide information on the Scheme for potential applicants including further information on the eligibility criteria, the level of support available and the application process. You will also find links to websites on this webpage that provide further information that will assist you in the production of these documents. 

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