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Feeding Pigs - Guidance

Feed your pigs the right food

For more information on what to feed your pigs, you can read the full article on the UK government website.

Guidance Notes for Pig Farmers

Swill feeding was implicated as the origin of the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the United Kingdom in 2001. Swill by its very nature may contain domestic or imported meat. Because of this, the risk of FMD infection to pigs from feeding swill has been reassessed and is now considered unacceptably high.

Swill feeding is banned on the Isle of Man.

In addition to FMD these measures are also to help prevent the introduction of other diseases such as Classical Swine Fever and Swine Vesicular Disease into the national pig herd.

There is an increased risk of African Swine Fever spreading to the UK

You must not:

  • Feed to any pig or to allow pigs to have access to any catering waste (this includes waste from any bakery which produces products containing meat) or feedingstuffs which have been in contact with any catering waste or with any carcass or animal product (other than specified animal products which have been incorporated into another product).
  • Bring catering waste onto premises where pigs are kept;
  • Allow access to or feed any unrendered animal by-product to any pig ;

What is catering waste?

It is processed or unprocessed

  • waste from catering or domestic use;
  • waste from the production of products which are intended to be used for human consumption without further cooking;
  • waste from the production of bread, cakes, pasta, pizzas and similar products (whether or not intended to be used for human consumption without further cooking)

which contains or has been in contact with:

  • animal carcasses;
  • parts of animal carcasses (including blood); or
  •  products of animal origin (see exceptions below)

Or which originates from any premises where:

  • animal carcasses;
  • parts of animal carcasses; or
  • products of animal origin (other than exceptions see below)

are handled or where food stuffs containing or coming into contact with any of the same are prepared or produced.


Catering waste doesn’t include:

  • used cooking oil
  • milk or milk products, eggs rennet, gelatin or melted fat which have been incorporated into another product.

For further information please contact the Agriculture Directorate on 685844.

These Guidance Notes are not meant as a definitive statement of the law; please refer to ‘Animal Health (By-Products) Order 2002’.

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