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Pet Shipments during COVID-19

Pet travel policy statement 


DEFA’s primary requirement regarding livestock or pet/horse travel to/from the Island is that they are accompanied by a person responsible for their welfare, usually their owner, who is available on the boat to attend the animal(s) if required. If the responsible person is transporting the animal(s) is a commercial service they must hold a Transporter Authorisation for that species under Isle of Man or UK Welfare of Animals (Transport) legislation. 

Border Controls are regulated by the Cabinet Office and the advice at the present time is that Isle of Man residents should not travel unless it is absolutely necessary. 

If it is absolutely necessary for you to travel with your pet then you should note and follow the travel instructions and requirements as set out for Isle of Man Residents.

It cannot be overemphasised that individuals planning to travel with their pet and/or horse will always be subject to the conditions put in place to protect Public Health.  Current border restrictions will mean that you will require a residents entry permit and number, and you will be subject to the 14 days isolation and test regime. 

Changes to the border policy will be determined by the risk to our community associated with travel to and from other jurisdictions. 


For the latest information, please see the Isle of Man Covid General Information, Travel Advice webpage.

For further information, please contact the Travel Notification Services team on: 687171

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