Welfare of animals in transport

The welfare of animals during transport is protected by retained EU legislation: EC Regulation 1/2005 which is implemented on the Isle of Man by the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 2007, and by parallel legislation in England, Scotland and Wales.

This legislation covers the transport of animals by road, rail, sea and air. It covers all animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate, and requires all persons transporting animals (whether as part of an economic activity or otherwise) to transport animals in a way that is not likely to cause injury or undue suffering to them.

In addition, if the transport is of vertebrate animals and is in connection with an economic activity, there are further requirements for transporters, including the requirement for a transporter authorisation for anyone transporting animals on journeys longer than 65km (any journey that transports animals between the Isle of Man and Great Britain or Ireland by road and ferry involves a distance greater than 65km). This applies to all vertebrate animal species, but there are further requirements for transporters of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and poultry, including the requirement for road transporters to hold a Certificate of Competence.

'Short' journeys: If you are transporting animals on journeys longer than 65km but less than 8 hours you will need a Type 1 Transporter Authorisation.

'Long' journeys: If you are transporting animals on journeys longer than 8 hours, or if you are the operator of a vessel transporting animals by sea, you will need a Type 2 Transporter Authorisation. For road journeys, in most cases separate inspection and approval of the vehicle is also required.

The length of the journey is defined as the time from when the first animal is loaded at the premises of origin, to when the last animal is unloaded at the final destination.

A summary of the requirements can be found on the UK government website and in this guidance document: Welfare of animals during transport: summary of requirements. The requirements are equivalent on the Isle of Man, however, when reading this information, please note the following with relation to the Isle of Man:

  • Welfare in transport on the Isle of Man is enforced by DEFA

  • Transporter Authorisations for Isle of Man transporters are issued by DEFA. Please contact Animal Health for an application/renewal form

  • There are currently a number of Type 1 road transporters authorised on the Isle of Man

    • If you contract or subcontract a transporter to move animals, you must make sure the transporter holds a transporter authorisation certificate for the species of animal you want to transport. An authorised transporter must make their documents available to view

  • There are currently no Type 2 road transporters authorised on the Isle of Man. However, please note that UK transporter authorisations are valid in the Isle of Man and vice versa. Please see the Great Britain type 2 transporter authorisation list

  • There is currently one Type 2 sea transporter authorised on the Isle of Man:

    • The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

  • • If you are applying for a Transporter Authorisation and require a Certificate of Competence (or you wish to add a competency on to your existing Authorisation, e.g. you have a Certificate of Competence for sheep and cattle and wish to add horses), then you are required to sit an online assessment for a Certificate of Competence for the relevant species

For further details of how to enrol for the online assessment, please contact:

The Exams Office

University College Isle of Man

Homefield Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 624 648200

Email:Send Email

See more detailed guidance documents on the welfare of animals in transport.

Updated 19 January 2024