Covid-19 Coronavirus

Livestock Shipments during COVID-19

As at 10.30am 24 March 2020

Standard Operating Procedure
Livestock Shipments during COVID-19

Both UK and IOM drivers must adhere to social distancing protocol when there is required interaction with Steam Packet staff. All interaction should be as minimal as possible.

  1. The booking process for Livestock will remain as is.
  2. UK driver with empty Livestock wagon & trailer will arrive at Heysham port. 
  3. Vehicle will be checked-in at the weighbridge and driver issued with meal and berth vouchers.  Vouchers are pre-printed so as to avoid minimal interaction with staff.
  4. UK driver loads wagon and trailer onto the vessel when instructed. 
  5. UK driver sanitises vehicle controls before exiting the vehicle.  Lorry keys are to be left in the cab.
  6. UK driver collects cabin keys from ships office and goes directly to cabin, remaining there until he/she arrives back in Heysham again.
  7. IOM driver collects Livestock wagon and trailer from the deck when the vessel arrives in Douglas.  Driver to wear Personal Protection gear.
  8. IOM driver loads Livestock in IOM.
  9. Wagon returned to Douglas port for next sailing, checked-in and loaded onto the vessel when instructed.

10. IOM driver sanitises vehicle controls and exits the ship. Lorry keys are to be left in the cab.

11. UK driver returns to vehicle when the vessel arrives back in Heysham and exits the ship when instructed.

This Standard Operating Procedure may be revoked at any time, due to the evolving situation.

Animal Health can be contacted on +44 01624 685844 or 

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