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Importation of Horses into the Isle of Man

An import licence is required for horses travelling to the Isle of Man together with a self-declaration that the wagon has been thoroughly cleansed and disinfected prior to transporting the horse(s).

Please ensure you apply for your licence in plenty of time to enable you to send it to your haulier (if using). Licences are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

The majority of horse imports come via Heysham. If your horse is travelling via any other port, please contact Agriculture on 685844 or for further information.

Please note Equine Influenza 8 February 2019: Import licenses now contain an additional requirement to isolate horses for two weeks following importation. This covers the incubation period and will enable detection of the disease should it occur and further isolation to contain the disease.

Horses must be kept isolated for 14 days following importation.

14 day Isolation Period = this is the quarantine period during which the imported equine must not come into direct (nose-to-nose) contact with any other equine, nor be kept in shared air-space with other equines. 

  • The imported equine must not compete on-Island within the isolation period or attend any other event/gathering with other equines. 
  • The isolation could be indoors (within a stable) or turned out, provided the field boundary does not allow for direct contact with neighbouring equines. 

If you have any queries or would like more information on this matter please contact the Agriculture team on +44 1624 685844 or

Information required for a horse importation licence:

  • Name and address of horse-owner
  • Destination address for horse (if different to above)
  • Age of horse
  • Colour of horse
  • Sex of horse
  • Breed of horse

The licence will be emailed to you after you have submitted your details. Please ensure you print it off before taking it to Heysham freight office.

Apply now

If you have any queries, please contact:

Agriculture Directorate

Email:Send Email

Horse(s) may travel to the Isle of Man in a horsebox with other equines from different UK holdings and may be delivered to different Isle of Man destinations. The horse(s) must then be isolated from Foot and Mouth susceptible stock for a period of 5 days.

  1. If a horse is collected in a livestock lorry with other cattle and/or sheep from the same UK holding (and the horse has been resident at the same UK holding for a period of 21 days prior to export) then the horse may be delivered to a different Isle of Man destination. Again, the horse(s) must be isolated from Foot and Mouth susceptible stock for a period of 5 days and remain there for a further 16 days

  2. If a horse is collected in a livestock lorry with other cattle and/or sheep from a different UK holding than the cattle and/or sheep then on importation to the Isle of Man, the horse must reside at the cattle/sheep holding for a period of 21 days, after which time it may move

For further information please contact:

Agriculture Directorate

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St John's


Telephone:+44 1624 685844

Email:Send Email

Horse Import Licence Statistics

YearLicences IssuedNumber of Horses*


























*the actual number imported may be less as this data is not clarified by DEFA.

** will be updated throughout the year (currently to 28/6/18).

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