Export of Horses from the Isle of Man

Under the UK legislation - 'Horse Passports (England) Regulations 2004' - all equines (ponies, donkeys and other equidae) in the UK must be passported.

If you are planning to travel an equine to the UK there are 3 available options:

  1. Apply for a passport before your horse travels to the UK. Application is made through 1 of the organisations that are authorized to issue horse passports in the UK. DEFRA horse passport information.

  2. Apply for a passport when your horse arrives in the UK. The 'Horse Passports (England) Regulations 2004' allows entry into the UK and a stay of up to 30 days without a passport.

  3. If your horse is travelling away for a short period (of less than 30 days) a passport is not required; although it may be more convenient to have one.

Horses being exported outside of the United Kingdom

Further forms and journey plans must be completed according to the respective country's legislation.

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