Meat Plant Procurement Information

Provision of Services at the Isle of Man Meat Plant – Further Information


Agricultural policy – Developing a reliable, sustainable and self-reliant Manx agriculture 2008

Agricultural policy to support current decoupled payment support.

Food Matters strategy 2014

A detailed strategy document on the current policy direction for the Isle of Man food and drink industry. Section 2 has some detailed information on the estimated size and value of the Isle of Man food market by sector.

External reviews

Meat Plant review 2017

An executive summary of the options identified as part of a review into future operation of the Isle of Man Meat Plant.

Industry presentation 

  • Slides presented to the industry in February 2017
  • Cattle and sheep throughput vs export 2006-2016 on page 7 & 8
  • Local market share page 11 & 12

Q&A following the presentation written answers to questions received from the industry.

Livestock pricing report – commissioned by DEFA

This report is intended to provide an overview of livestock pricing the current Meat Plant operator and to examine ‘equivalence’ with UK prices and charges, the markets available to Manx livestock producers and to the operator of the Meat Plant, alternatives to government-supported equivalence, processing costs and export costs, and to provide recommendations on appropriate price referencing data and how the Government’s and Meat Plant operators objectives might be achieved to the benefits of both parties and of Manx farmers. Page 4 has basic financial information. Page 20 has 2014 throughput figures.

Study into the future support structure of Manx agriculture (2007)

Section 11 provides an overview of the livestock sector and abattoir pre decoupling and prior to the loss of the red meat derogation. It also includes an estimate of additional slaughter costs associated with small scale and island operation (£300k).


Livestock local pricing and export costs calculator

A frequently updated ready reckoner that allows farmers to make the best decisions regarding the destination of their fat stock. Gross price and itemised net pricing are detailed using real and estimated figures to provide a true comparison of local and export markets.

Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee  submission 2013

Historic trading trends including trading account analysis, throughput figures and livestock exported (Page 17)

Agriculture census data

Datasets of farmer returns relating to cropping areas, livestock numbers and other agricultural data.

Cattle and Sheep export data

Published monthly export numbers of beef and sheep off the Isle of Man

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