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Required treatment for cattle

Post import Warble Fly treatment

Warble Fly, a parasite of cattle, has not been seen in the Isle of Man since 1978 when it was successfully eradicated following a re-introduction with imported cattle.

The adult flies are irritating to cattle when they lay their eggs but the majority of damage is done as larval stages migrate through the animal into deeper tissues. The larval migration causes serious damage to the hide and skin resulting in consequential loss to the leather industry (now thankfully historical). While the majority of cattle suffered no long-term damage, some were paralysed as the larvae migrated near the spinal cord.

The department is to continue the treatment of cattle for Warble Fly in 2003. While the results of surveys in the United Kingdom are encouraging, the increased trade with countries beyond the UK where Warble Fly is still present remains a risk that can be negated by continuing the post-import treatment of all cattle.

The provision of treatment for imported cattle will become the responsibility of the importer from 1 January 2003. The department is to stop the current procedure of providing warble dressing in line with modern dispensing practice, and Animal Health Officers will carry out all post-import checks.

Under the provisions of the Warble Fly Order 1994 (SD No 383/94) imported cattle are required to be treated in the presence of an authorised officer with a product licensed for systemic treatment of Warble Fly. Licensed products are listed below.

Animal Health Officers will visit imported cattle by arrangement within the minimum quarantine period of 7 days. Identities of animals will be checked against import documentation and Warble Fly treatment witnessed.

Licensed products
Pour onInjectable
Cydectin Cydectin
Dectomax Dectomax
Dermol Plus Ivomec
Qualimintic Noromectin
Poron 20  

The above table is only intended as a guide. Owners are advised to check with their supplier for currently licensed products, their withdrawal period, and suitability for use in the relevant animals. No medicine should be used contrary to instructions on its accompanying data sheet.

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