Required records, ID and tracing - cattle

All cattle holdings must be registered with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. Please use the link below to apply online.

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Since 8 June 2003 all bovines in the Isle of Man MUST be passported.

Birth registrations

Since January 1998 all bovine births in the Isle of Man have to be registered with the Cattle Passport Centre ('CPC'). A farmer must tag an animal within 20 days of its birth or before it leaves the birth holding whichever is the earlier and then inform the CPC within 7 days of tagging (Bovine Identification and Traceability Order 2007).

Upon receipt of the correctly completed birth registration forms, the CPC will register the births and forward on full passports and movement cards. The passport must travel with the animal on all movements between holdings. There is a charge of £50 for a replacement passport if one is lost.

Movement recording

A movement book will be sent when a holding number has been allocated. Details of bovine births, deaths, arrivals and departures on and off your holding must be recorded in the movement book. Further instructions for use can be found on the cover page.

Tag requirements

All births on the holding must be tagged with double-yellow plastic ear tags (new tags and a set of taggers are provided). If an animal loses a tag it must be replaced as soon as possible and in any event before it moves holdings or goes to be slaughtered. Replacement tags must be ordered through the CPC - there is a charge for replacement tags.

Notification of death

All deaths must be registered with the CPC within 7 days - by return of the passport.

Notification of movement

All movements between holdings/marts/shows must be registered with the CPC within 5 days for traceability. Online users must record movements within 3 days. The movement cards consist of an ON and an OFF portion; the OFF card is completed by the seller and sent to the CPC, the ON card and passport are given to the buyer when the animal is sold. The buyer then completes the ON card when the animal arrives on his holding and then sends it in to the CPC. The same applies in the case of an animal moving between holdings even if owner doesn't change or if the animal goes to the cull, meat plant, mart, or show.

To promote the integrity of the Bovine Identification and Traceability System ('BITS') database the timely supply of verifiable information by keepers is required by law.

For further information please contact:

Cattle Passport Centre

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St John's


Telephone:+44 1624 685616

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