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Importing Cattle into the Isle of Man

If you plan to import cattle into the Isle of Man, please ensure you read the appropriate guidance notes which are available to download. An Import Licence is required for all cattle travelling from the United Kingdom. Please ensure you allow at least 10 days to obtain an Import Licence prior to the date of import. An application form to apply for a Manx passport for an imported animal can be downloaded on this page.

Update 29 July 2016: Cattle imports from Scotland

Cattle that have been resident in Scotland since birth, or for at least 120 days prior to departure are exempt from pre-export TB testing.

Update 19 May 2014: Gamma blood testing

With regard to the gamma blood testing of imports: the total number of such tests funded by the department is to be limited to 30 animals per holding/individual. Additionally, the total compensation payments in respect of failures will be limited to one animal only per holding/individual. These parameters will apply in any twelve month period, irrespective of the total number within the entire importation, and whether comprised of single or multiple consignments.

Important reminders

  1. You must inform the department of your intention to import, with the date/time of shipment at least 72 hours in advance. Please note: failure to notify the department at least 72 hours in advance could result in the importer being prosecuted for not meeting the conditions of the Import Licence. Contact number for notification is +44 1624 687595.

  2. Your holding will incur a 21 day movement standstill from the date on which you import. Only movements direct to slaughter on the Isle of Man are exempt.

  3. Your Export Health Certification must not be tampered with or altered.

As of 5 July 2011 - Great Britain is now officially Blue Tongue Free under EU rules.

For the latest information please contact:

Agriculture Directorate

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Telephone:+44 1624 685844

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