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Beef and milk recording

Beef recording

Update – January 2014 

As a result of organisational and financial rationalisation, the Department is no longer able to offer and fund this service, and it will therefore cease with immediate effect. A mailshot has been sent to all previous users of this service. 

Consequently, should you wish to continue within the schemes, it will be necessary for you to make alternative arrangements. Direct contact with Pedigree Cattle Services of Perth may provide one option for ABRI members. Signet members should speak to the relevant breed society.

Milk recording (cattle)

Milk samples are either taken by farm staff or self employed contractors working on behalf of National Milk Records ('NMR') and sent directly to National Milk Laboratories where they are tested for butter fat, protein, and somatic cell counts. These results along with the production records give an overall figure for cows in the dairy herd which can be used for selecting animals for breeding. The somatic cell counts are also useful in identifying cows which consistently bring the overall cell figure up into regions where the farmer is penalised by the dairy.

A range of services and options are available including disease testing for Johnes, Leptospirosis, BVD and IBR.

Please contact:

Mrs Alison Thomas

Area Field manager

National Milk Laboratories

Telephone:07970 009156

Email:Send Email

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