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Agricultural schemes

Agricultural Development Scheme

The Agricultural Development Scheme (formerly known as Countryside Care Scheme) forms one of the components of the Policy for Manx Agriculture which was approved by Tynwald in April 2008. The Scheme was approved by Tynwald in December 2008 and was implemented on 1 April 2009.

Pig Premium Quota Regulations 1999

The department pays a premium, currently £20.02 per carcass, for animals that are slaughtered at the Meat Plant and sold by IOM Meats to a butcher; up to an agreed maximum number.

The Agriculture and Fisheries Grant Scheme

The aim of the Agriculture and Fisheries Grant Scheme (AFGS) is to provide discretionary support to encourage economic growth and diversification of the local economy specifically targeting primary food products and added-value processing of locally harvested foodstuffs. The AFGS provides a range of grants to eligible businesses (new and existing) to help achieve this purpose. The key principle of the support will be to incentivise investment in innovation, efficiency and change to help the food industry become more sustainable and less reliant on ongoing support.  The different parts of the AFGS are as follows: 

  •          Farm and Horticultural Improvement Grants
  •          Food Business Development Grants
  •          Knowledge and Innovation Grants
  •          Fisheries Grants 

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The Control of Wool (Isle of Man) Order

This details the price per kilo of wool, based upon the description or grade of wool, to be paid by the department: all wool must be sold to the department. Where wools have faults etc, are heavy with grease etc, or are inferior, deductions will be made from the quoted prices. A new Order is made each year. Purchase prices are based on the average price achieved for the grade at auction in the previous year less BWMB Marketing costs.

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