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Young Farmer Definition

Young Farmers definition and supplementary payment ('YFSP')

From April 2015, young farmers may be entitled to a supplementary payment of 25% of the appropriate full flat rate payment for a maximum of 195 acres or £4,000, whichever is the lowest:

Scheme yearBML rate £/acreAML rate £/acreMax payment
2021 and thereafter £16.13 £2.05 £4,000

Under ADS, 'young farmer' means someone who: 

  • meets the conditions for eligibility under the Scheme
  • is at least 18 years old but who has not reached their 41st birthday or will not reach that birthday in the Scheme year in which the claim is made
  • took control of their farm business within the 5 year period before their first application under Agricultural Development Scheme 2015 or under the Countryside Care Scheme 2009

The supplementary payment is only payable for a maximum of 5 consecutive years. A claim will not be accepted where, to the satisfaction of the Department, the conditions attached to the claim have been artificially created with a view to obtaining an advantage contrary to the objectives of the Scheme.

There is an overall young farmers cap of 2% of the scheme budget; in the event of the cap being reached, all young farmer payments would be adjusted pro-rata to stay within this budget.

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