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2019 Scheme Year

First payment was made the week commencing 22 July 2019.

Second payment is scheduled for the week commencing 21 October 2019.

Final payment is scheduled for the week commencing 20 April 2020.

We will continue to deduct any relevant cross-compliance penalties, replacement cattle tags, EID portion of new cattle tags, gamma testing (if imported over 30 animals/year), AI service, Export Health Certificate production, BVD lab testing charges and annual flat rate charge for Cattle Passport Service (postal users only). From April 2018 we started to deduct any BVD penalties from the payment.

Payment tranche dates will remain 50% July, 25% October and a balancing payment in the following April.

From 01 April 2015, payments for Agricultural Development Scheme (previously known as the Countryside Care Scheme) will be calculated as follows.

We continue the transition towards flat rate payments:


% of Historic Entitlement due to be paid 80 60 40 20 0
% of Flat Rate due to be paid 20 40 60 80 100

As stated in the March 2013 edition of the Agri-News, the budget is subject to an 8% reduction over 2013-2015. The budget reduction for 2015 has now reached 8%.

From 2015 onwards, the flat rate is fixed, enabling a budget to be created for the 'Food Strategy'. All payments will be reduced by a percentage – this will then be redistributed across the first defined acres* (see table below); which will have the effect of increasing the payments to smaller and/or more intensive farms.

Table 1: Payments will be calculated from Scheme year 2015 as follows:

Scheme YearHistoric Entitlement Payment %Flat Rate Area PaymentFront Loading Supplement(per acre)
BML £ per acre(assuming 2015 target flat rate of £78.20)AML £ per acre(1/6 of BML)*First 130 acres*Next 65 acres
2015 60% £31.28 (40%) £5.21 £3.00 £1.50
2016 40% £46.92 (60%) £7.82 £6.00 £3.00
2017 20% £62.56 (80%) £10.43 £9.00 £4.50
2018 onwards 0% £78.20 (100%) £13.03 £12.00 £6.00

Please note: in future years, these figures may vary depending on scheme budget and total claimed acreage.

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