2022 Acknowledgements

From 27 April 2022 this page will be regularly updated with confirmation of the Agricultural Business ('AB') numbers of those people/companies from whom the Department (DEFA) has received a completed ADS 2022 application form.

Acknowledgement emails will also be sent out - once a week. This page will be updated more regularly. If you have sent in your application form and have not received an acknowledgement after 15 days, it is your responsibility to check with the department to avoid potential disputes over receipt.

Please note: confirmation next to your AB number on this page only shows that it has been received by DEFA. It does not mean that it has been checked and approved.

AB No.RcvdAB No.RcvdAB No.RcvdAB No.Rcvd
AB1001 Yes AB1155 Yes AB1295 Yes AB1619 Yes
AB1003 Yes AB1156 Yes AB1296 Yes AB1624 Yes
AB1005 Yes AB1157 Yes AB1298 Yes AB1627 Yes
AB1007 Yes AB1158 Yes AB1301 Yes AB1628 Yes
AB1008 Yes AB1159 Yes AB1302 Yes AB1630 Yes
AB1009 Yes AB1162 Yes AB1304 Yes AB1632 Yes
AB1010 Yes AB1163 Yes AB1305 Yes AB1633 Yes
AB1012 Yes AB1164 Yes AB1306 Yes AB1636 Yes
AB1014 Yes AB1165 Yes AB1311 Yes AB1637 Yes
AB1015 Yes AB1168 Yes AB1312 Yes AB1641 Yes
AB1017 Yes AB1169 Yes AB1314 Yes AB1645 Yes
AB1020 Yes AB1172 Yes AB1317 Yes AB1646 Yes
AB1022 Yes AB1173 Yes AB1321 Yes AB1647 Yes
AB1025 Yes AB1174 Yes AB1323 Yes AB1649 Yes
AB1026 Yes AB1175 Yes AB1329 Yes AB1650 Yes
AB1027 Yes AB1178 Yes AB1330 Yes AB1652 Yes
AB1029 Yes AB1180 Yes AB1332 Yes AB1653 Yes
AB1032 Yes AB1182 Yes AB1334 Yes AB1654 Yes
AB1033 AB1183 Yes AB1335 Yes AB1655 Yes
AB1034 Yes AB1187 Yes AB1337 Yes AB1658 Yes
AB1035 AB1188 AB1338 Yes AB1659 Yes
AB1036 Yes AB1190 Yes AB1342 Yes AB1661 Yes
AB1039 Yes AB1193 Yes AB1343 Yes AB1662 Yes
AB1040 Yes AB1195 Yes AB1344 Yes AB1665 Yes
AB1041 Yes AB1196 Yes AB1345 Yes AB1668 Yes
AB1042 Yes AB1198 Yes AB1346 Yes AB1677
AB1044 Yes AB1199 Yes AB1347 Yes AB1679 Yes
AB1045 Yes AB1200 Yes AB1348 Yes AB1680 Yes
AB1046 Yes AB1201 Yes AB1351 Yes AB1686
AB1048 Yes AB1202 Yes AB1352 Yes AB1690 Yes
AB1049 Yes AB1203 Yes AB1353 Yes AB1693 Yes
AB1050 Yes AB1205 Yes AB1354 Yes AB1698 Yes
AB1053 Yes AB1207 Yes AB1356 Yes AB1701 Yes
AB1054 Yes AB1211 Yes AB1358 Yes AB1703
AB1058 Yes AB1212 Yes AB1359 Yes AB1711 Yes
AB1060 Yes AB1213 Yes AB1362 Yes AB1713 Yes
AB1063 Yes AB1214 Yes AB1364 Yes AB1714 Yes
AB1065 Yes AB1216 Yes AB1368 Yes AB1715 Yes
AB1068 Yes AB1217 Yes AB1369 Yes AB1721 Yes
AB1070 Yes AB1219 Yes AB1375 Yes AB1723 Yes
AB1072 Yes AB1222 Yes AB1377 Yes AB1725 Yes
AB1073 Yes AB1224 Yes AB1378 Yes AB1726 Yes
AB1074 Yes AB1225 Yes AB1379 Yes AB1727 Yes
AB1075 AB1226 Yes AB1381 Yes AB1731 Yes
AB1078 Yes AB1230 Yes AB1382 Yes AB1733 Yes
AB1080 Yes AB1231 Yes AB1383 Yes AB1734 Yes
AB1081 Yes AB1232 Yes AB1384 Yes AB1737 Yes
AB1083 Yes AB1234 Yes AB1385 Yes AB1741 Yes
AB1084 Yes AB1235 Yes AB1386 Yes AB1742 Yes
AB1085 Yes AB1236 Yes AB1388 Yes AB1743 Yes
AB1086 Yes AB1237 Yes AB1390 Yes AB1745 Yes
AB1087 Yes AB1238 Yes AB1391 Yes AB1748 Yes
AB1089 Yes AB1239 Yes AB1393 Yes AB1750 Yes
AB1090 Yes AB1241 Yes AB1394 Yes AB1753 Yes
AB1091 Yes AB1242 Yes AB1400 Yes AB1754 Yes
AB1093 Yes AB1244 Yes AB1402 Yes AB1755 Yes
AB1098 Yes AB1245 Yes AB1403 Yes AB1757 Yes
AB1100 Yes AB1246 Yes AB1404 Yes AB1759 Yes
AB1102 Yes AB1247 Yes AB1408 Yes AB1764 Yes
AB1103 Yes AB1248 Yes AB1410 Yes AB1766 Yes
AB1104 Yes AB1249 Yes AB1412 Yes AB1767 Yes
AB1105 Yes AB1250 Yes AB1413 Yes AB1768 Yes
AB1107 Yes AB1251 Yes AB1415 Yes AB1769 Yes
AB1110 Yes AB1252 Yes AB1416 Yes AB1770 Yes
AB1111 Yes AB1253 Yes AB1417 Yes AB1773 Yes
AB1112 Yes AB1254 Yes AB1418 Yes AB1775 Yes
AB1113 Yes AB1255 Yes AB1421 Yes AB1779 Yes
AB1114 Yes AB1256 Yes AB1423 Yes AB1780
AB1115 Yes AB1257 Yes AB1425 Yes AB1781 Yes
AB1116 Yes AB1258 Yes AB1426 Yes AB1785 Yes
AB1117 Yes AB1261 Yes AB1427 Yes AB1786 Yes
AB1119 Yes AB1262 Yes AB1432 Yes AB1787 Yes
AB1120 Yes AB1264 Yes AB1436 Yes AB1790 Yes
AB1127 Yes AB1266 Yes AB1439 Yes AB1793 Yes
AB1128 Yes AB1267 Yes AB1444 Yes AB1794 Yes
AB1130 Yes AB1268 Yes AB1449 Yes AB1795 Yes
AB1131 AB1270 Yes AB1473 Yes AB1796 Yes
AB1133 Yes AB1273 Yes AB1486 Yes AB1797 Yes
AB1136 Yes AB1276 Yes AB1497 Yes AB1798 Yes
AB1138 Yes AB1278 Yes AB1501 Yes AB1799 Yes
AB1140 Yes AB1280 Yes AB1506 Yes AB1801 Yes
AB1141 Yes AB1282 Yes AB1507 AB1802 Yes
AB1142 Yes AB1285 Yes AB1601 Yes AB1803 Yes
AB1144 Yes AB1286 Yes AB1604 Yes AB1804 Yes
AB1145 Yes AB1287 Yes AB1608 Yes AB1805 Yes
AB1146 Yes AB1288 Yes AB1610 Yes AB1806 Yes
AB1148 Yes AB1289 Yes AB1611 Yes -
AB1149 Yes AB1293 Yes AB1612 Yes -
AB1150 Yes AB1294 Yes AB1614 Yes -