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2015 acknowledgements

From 8 May 2015 this page will be regularly updated with confirmation of the Agricultural Business ('AB') numbers of those people/companies from whom the Isle of Man Post Office ('IoMPO') has received a completed ADS 2015 application form.

Acknowledgement letters will also be sent out - once a week, on a Friday. This page will be updated more regularly. If you have sent in your application form and have not received an acknowledgement letter after 15 days, it is your responsibility to check with the department to avoid potential disputes over receipt.

Please note: confirmation next to your AB number on this page only shows that it has been received at the IoMPO. It does not mean that it has been checked and approved.

AB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. Received
AB1001  Yes AB1024  Yes AB1048  Yes AB1074  Yes AB1098  Yes
AB1003  Yes AB1025  Yes AB1049  Yes AB1075  Yes AB1100  Yes
AB1004  Yes AB1026  Yes AB1050  Yes AB1076  Yes AB1102  Yes
AB1005  Yes AB1027  Yes AB1051  Yes AB1077  Yes AB1103  Yes
AB1006  Yes AB1028  Yes AB1053  Yes AB1078  Yes AB1104  Yes
AB1007  Yes AB1029  Yes AB1054  Yes AB1080  Yes AB1105  Yes
AB1008  Yes AB1030  Yes AB1055  Yes AB1081  Yes AB1106  Yes
AB1009  Yes AB1032  Yes AB1056  Yes AB1083  Yes AB1107  Yes
AB1010  Yes AB1033  Yes AB1057  Yes AB1084  Yes AB1108  Yes
AB1012  Yes AB1034  Yes AB1058  Yes AB1085  Yes AB1110  Yes
AB1013 Yes  AB1035  Yes AB1060  Yes AB1086  Yes AB1111  Yes
AB1014 Yes  AB1036  Yes AB1061  Yes AB1087  Yes AB1112  Yes
AB1015  Yes AB1037  Yes AB1062  Yes  AB1088  Yes AB1113  Yes
AB1016  Yes AB1039  Yes AB1063  Yes AB1089  Yes AB1114  Yes 
AB1017  Yes AB1040  Yes AB1065  Yes  AB1090  Yes AB1115  Yes
AB1018  Yes AB1041  Yes AB1068  Yes AB1091  Yes AB1116  Yes
AB1019  Yes AB1042  Yes AB1070  Yes AB1092  Yes AB1117  Yes 
AB1020  Yes AB1044  Yes AB1071  Yes AB1093  Yes AB1119  Yes
AB1022  Yes AB1045  Yes AB1072 Yes  AB1094  Yes AB1120  Yes
AB1023  Yes AB1046  Yes AB1073  Yes AB1096  Yes AB1121 Yes 
AB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. Received
AB1127  Yes AB1154  Yes AB1178  Yes AB1203  Yes AB1232  Yes
AB1128  Yes AB1155  Yes AB1179  Yes AB1205  Yes AB1233  Yes
AB1129  Yes AB1156  Yes AB1180  Yes AB1207  Yes AB1234  Yes
AB1130  Yes AB1157  Yes AB1181   AB1211  Yes AB1235 Yes
AB1131 Yes  AB1158  Yes AB1182  Yes AB1212  Yes AB1236 Yes 
AB1133  Yes AB1159  Yes AB1183  Yes AB1213  Yes AB1237  Yes
AB1136  Yes AB1161  Yes AB1185  Yes AB1214  Yes AB1238 Yes 
AB1137   AB1163  Yes AB1186 Yes  AB1215  Yes AB1239  Yes
AB1138  Yes AB1164  Yes AB1187  Yes AB1216  Yes AB1241  Yes
AB1140  Yes AB1165  Yes AB1188  Yes AB1217  Yes AB1242  Yes
AB1141  Yes AB1166  Yes AB1190  Yes AB1218  Yes AB1244  Yes
AB1142  Yes AB1167   AB1191  Yes AB1219  Yes AB1245  Yes
AB1144  Yes  AB1168  Yes AB1193  Yes AB1220  Yes AB1246  Yes
AB1145  Yes AB1169  Yes AB1195  Yes AB1221  Yes AB1247  Yes
AB1146  Yes AB1171  Yes AB1196  Yes AB1222  Yes AB1249  Yes
AB1147  Yes AB1172  Yes AB1198  Yes AB1224  Yes AB1250  Yes
AB1148  Yes AB1173  Yes AB1199  Yes AB1225  Yes AB1251  Yes
AB1149  Yes AB1174 Yes  AB1200  Yes AB1226  Yes AB1252 Yes 
AB1150  Yes AB1175  Yes AB1201  Yes AB1230  Yes AB1253  Yes
AB1153  Yes AB1176  Yes AB1202  Yes AB1231  Yes AB1254  Yes
AB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. Received
AB1255  Yes AB1283  Yes AB1314  Yes AB1346  Yes AB1379  Yes
AB1256  Yes AB1285  Yes AB1315  Yes AB1347  Yes AB1382  Yes
AB1257  Yes AB1286  Yes AB1317  Yes AB1348  Yes  AB1383  Yes
AB1258  Yes AB1287  Yes AB1318 Yes  AB1351  Yes AB1384  Yes
AB1260  Yes AB1288  Yes AB1321  Yes AB1352  Yes AB1385  Yes
AB1261  Yes AB1289  Yes AB1323  Yes AB1353  Yes AB1386  Yes
AB1262   AB1291  Yes AB1324  Yes AB1354  Yes  AB1388  Yes
AB1263  Yes AB1293  Yes AB1329  Yes AB1356  Yes AB1389  Yes 
AB1264  Yes AB1294  Yes AB1330  Yes AB1357  Yes AB1390  Yes
AB1265  Yes AB1295  Yes AB1332  Yes AB1358  Yes AB1391  Yes
AB1266  Yes AB1296  Yes AB1334  Yes AB1359  Yes AB1393  Yes
AB1267  Yes AB1298  Yes AB1335  Yes AB1362  Yes AB1394  Yes
AB1268  Yes  AB1301  Yes AB1336  Yes AB1364  Yes AB1396  Yes
AB1269  Yes AB1302  Yes AB1337  Yes AB1368  Yes AB1400  Yes
AB1270  Yes AB1304  Yes  AB1338  Yes AB1369  Yes AB1401  Yes
AB1273  Yes AB1305  Yes AB1339 Yes  AB1373  Yes AB1402  Yes
AB1276  Yes AB1306  Yes AB1342  Yes AB1374  Yes AB1403  Yes
AB1278  Yes AB1308  Yes AB1343   AB1375  Yes AB1404  Yes
AB1280  Yes AB1311  Yes AB1344  Yes AB1377  Yes AB1405  Yes
AB1282  Yes AB1312  Yes AB1345  Yes AB1378  Yes AB1407  Yes
AB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. Received
AB1408   AB1445  Yes AB1606  Yes AB1641  Yes AB1672  
AB1409  Yes AB1447  Yes AB1608   AB1644  Yes AB1675  Yes
AB1410 Yes  AB1449  Yes AB1610  Yes AB1645  Yes AB1677  Yes
AB1412 Yes  AB1454  Yes AB1611  Yes AB1646  Yes  AB1679  Yes
AB1413  Yes AB1455  Yes AB1612  Yes AB1647  Yes AB1680  Yes
AB1414  Yes AB1457  Yes AB1614  Yes AB1651  Yes AB1681  
AB1415  Yes AB1469  Yes AB1619  Yes AB1652  Yes AB1683  
AB1416  Yes AB1472  Yes AB1621  Yes AB1653  Yes AB1684  Yes
AB1417  Yes AB1473  Yes AB1624  Yes AB1654  Yes AB1685  Yes
AB1418  Yes AB1478  Yes AB1626  Yes AB1657  Yes AB1686  Yes
AB1419  Yes AB1486  Yes AB1627  Yes AB1661  Yes AB1691  Yes
AB1421  Yes AB1488  Yes AB1628  Yes AB1662  Yes AB1692  Yes
AB1422  Yes AB1494  Yes AB1630  Yes AB1663  Yes AB1693  Yes
AB1423  Yes AB1497  Yes AB1632  Yes AB1664  Yes AB1696  
AB1425  Yes AB1501   AB1633  Yes AB1665  Yes AB1697  Yes
AB1426  Yes AB1505  Yes AB1634  Yes AB1666  Yes AB1698  Yes
AB1427  Yes AB1506  Yes AB1635  Yes AB1667  Yes AB1701  Yes
AB1432  Yes AB1507  Yes AB1636  Yes AB1668  Yes AB1702  
AB1436  Yes AB1601  Yes AB1637  Yes AB1670  Yes AB1703  Yes
AB1444  Yes AB1604  Yes AB1638  Yes AB1671  Yes AB1705  
AB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. ReceivedAB No. Received
AB1706  Yes AB1730  
AB1708  Yes AB1731  Yes
AB1709  Yes AB1732  
AB1710  Yes AB1733 Yes
AB1712  Yes AB1439 Yes
AB1714  Yes
AB1715  Yes
AB1719  Yes
AB1720  Yes
AB1721  Yes
AB1723  Yes
AB1724  Yes
AB1725  Yes
AB1726  Yes
AB1727  Yes
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