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Appeals committee

The Agricultural Development Scheme Appeals Committee has a number of volunteer members and new volunteers are welcomed. For details of the role, please use the contact details above. A small fee is payable for travel and attendance at Stage 2 appeals. There are more details of the appeals process in Chapter 7 of the Farmers' Handbook. Members are selected by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture ('DEFA') to sit on a Stage 2 Committee hearing according to their expertise and the subject of the appeal.

Current members are:

Mrs C Kermode of Orrisdale Farm

Mrs Kermode both owns and tenants land and specialises in beef production (suckler herd and pedigree Limousins) plus sheep including pedigree Texels. Livestock are sold for meat and also as breeding animals. Carol was also a member of the Industry Advisory Committee.

Mr R Kinrade of Ballaquine

Mr Kinrade farmed for over 50 years and has experience of legal work, serving as a Crown Officer for a number of years.

Mr D Kermeen of Lheakerrow

Mr Kermeen is Secretary of the Beef Producers Association and has taken a keen interest in the development of the Countryside Care Scheme. He produces lambs and finishes beef animals.

Mr RH Kermeen of Ballacraine Farm

Mr Kermeen has been involved in Manx agriculture for many years and brings a wealth of practical experience to the Committee.

Mr JJM Cannell, Ballacarnane, Michael

Mr Cannell has farmed at Ballacarnane for over 60 years and has been Captain of Michael Parish for the past 45 years.

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