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Agricultural Development Scheme

2024-2025 Agricultural Development Scheme

If you are expecting a 2024 -2025 ADS Application Booklet you should have received it by now, if you have not received it please contact us using the details below.

To assist you in completing your booklet please get in touch with us, we are holding two drop in days at DEFA offices in St. John’s (address below), where officers will be available to assist you between office hours of 9am to 5pm on the following days:

  • Wednesday 1 May 2024
  • Wednesday 8 May 2024

If you are unable to attend on either of these days and require assistance please contact us to arrange another time.

There is also two instruction videos that will be able to help you on how to complete your Claim Form and also how to measure eligible/ineligible land using the Government Mapping System.   

The application deadline falls on Saturday 11 May 2024. If you require a receipt or to ensure that your application is received on time, then please submit your application by 5pm on Friday 10 May. There is a post box at DEFA offices for Saturday submissions.

The Agricultural Development Scheme (formerly the Countryside Care Scheme) forms one of the components of the Policy for Manx Agriculture which was approved by Tynwald in April 2008. The Scheme was approved by Tynwald in December 2008 and implemented from 1 April 2009.

Details of the full Scheme plus its associated government circulars can be found by clicking on Legislative Background on this site.

Eligibility Criteria for 2016 onwards

  • from 1 April 2016, an applicant must be an active farmer

  • an applicant must have at their disposal, on 4 May in each Scheme year, the eligible land which is subject to the claim

  • all land in the Isle of Man at the applicant’s disposal on the 4 May in each Scheme year must be declared by means of a valid application; regardless of the eligibility of such land

  • an applicant under the Scheme must make a valid application to the Scheme in such form and timescale as the Department may require

  • the land must consist of at least the minimum area of 12.5 eligible acres

  • the Department is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the land which is the subject of the claim is not materially altered from that indicated in the aerial survey

The ‘flat rate’ payment rate has now been defined which has allowed the creation of a budget which will facilitate the implementation of the Food Strategy. 

The Scheme will also introduce a system which redistributes payments ('front-loading') providing enhanced payments for smaller or more intensive farms. 

Young Farmers will also receive a Supplementary Payment of up to an additional 25% (up to a maximum of £4,000) for a maximum period of 5 consecutive years. 

2024 Registration

If you wish to register for the 2024/25 Agricultural Development Scheme, please notify us by phone, letter or email and complete an Agriculture Business Registration Form and return it to the Department. You can use the link to complete the form and return it to the Department by email or by post or you can contact us and we will post out a copy to you.

If we have received a completed Agriculture Business Registration Form from you and you received notification of your new Agricultural Business number before Thursday 29 February 2024, you will be sent a 2024/25 New Applicants Claim Form in the post at the end of April 2024.

If we have received a completed Agriculture Business Registration Form from you after Thursday 29 February 2024, you will need to complete the ADS New Applicants – 2024 Application Booklet on our website.  Please ensure you return the completed booklet to the Department before Saturday 11 May 2024You will find further information for new applicants and the Claim Form Guidance Notes here.

For further information on the Agricultural Development Scheme, please contact us:

Agriculture Team - Agriculture and Food Directorate

Thie Slieau Whallian

Foxdale Road

St John's


Telephone:+44 1624 695742

Email:Send Email

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