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Advisory Grant

The overall purpose of this grant is to provide support for businesses seeking to improve their profitability through business restructuring and/or diversification.

The advisory grant is designed to specifically reward activities that focus on co-operative working, knowledge transfer and a focus on the entire supply chain, from farm to consumer.


  • To support individual farm businesses with restructuring, diversification and new business ventures through the provision of professional advice. Types of activity that may be supported includes the production of business plans and business monitoring through benchmarking
  • This grant does not support the provision of on-going technical advice on a one-to-one basis.


  • To support technical advice to groups of farmers, paying particular focus to the whole supply chain.
  • To facilitate knowledge transfer and peer-to-peer learning through the provision of facilitators/mentors.
  • Types of activity that will be supported include specialist led on-farm walks, workshops, talks, discussion groups etc.


There will be no specified periods for grant applications, but the spend will be capped at one quarter of the total budget each quarter to ensure that grants are available all year. Underspent budget will be rolled over to the next quarter.

Proposed grant aid

It is proposed to offer grant aid to individuals and groups of farmers to obtain professional on-farm business and technical advice. In acknowledgement of the benefits of collaborative working in the industry and the improved efficiency of sharing resources, the grant % is weighted in favour of larger groups and recognised organisations. 

Group sizeGrant % (max)Young farmer supplement
Larger group event organised by a recognised farming industry organisation and attended by >10 people 100% -
Group of 6-10 80% -
Group of 3-5 60% +20% (if a majority of YF in group)
Individual advice 40% +20%


Applicants or the business likely to be developed as a result of the advisory input must comply with the definition of active farmer (GC 2015/0008).

Applications from recognised agricultural organisations will also be considered, these would include the Manx National Farmers Union, Laxey Glen Mill, Isle of Man Meats, Isle of Man Creamery, Flockmasters, Beef Producers and other similar organisations.

Grant rules

  • A maximum of 2 successful applications per year will be considered from any individual. Organisations may apply more frequently.
  • Applications must be submitted in advance of activity being carried out. For successful applications, payment will be upon receipt of invoice. Where this differs from the estimated amount, the department will only pay up to the approved amount.
  • The supplier of advisory services must be approved in advance by the department. The department will consider if the advisor is suitably qualified to provide such advice and/or is a practicing consultant or an employee of a recognised body.
  • All individual grants will be based on a maximum claim of £2,000 per successful claim which would equate to (approx.) the equivalent of 2 days of advice and expenses. The department would therefore pay a maximum of £800 (40%) £1,200.
  • An additional 20% may be awarded to applicants meeting the FHIS young farmer criteria i.e: are less than 40 years of age on the date on which an application is submitted to the department.
  • Group grants will be capped at £1,000/day up to a maximum of £3,000 for multiple days.

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