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Conversion to marriage

Same sex couples who registered their civil partnership on the Isle of Man can now convert it into a marriage on the Island.

How do we convert our Civil Partnership?

There are two different ways of converting your civil partnership to a marriage, as follows:

Standard Procedure (no ceremony)

You can make the conversion by booking an appointment with the Civil Registry or registration office to complete the relevant documentation. You will need to bring your original civil partnership certificate(s) and photographic ID as stated in Schedule 1 of the Civil Partnership (Conversion to Marriage) Regulations 2016.

Two Stage Procedure (ceremony)

Alternatively you can convert your civil partnership to a marriage by having a ceremony. If you wish to have a conversion through a full marriage ceremony, in addition to the requirements of the standard procedure, you will need to complete the legal preliminaries and pay the associated fees under the Civil Partnership (Conversion to Marriage) Fees Order 2016.

Where can we convert our Civil Partnership?

You can currently convert your civil partnernership in to a marriage at the Civil Registry, a registration office, an Approved Place or a place granted consent by the Registrar General.

Any person who wilfully gives false information to the Registrar relating to the particulars required to be entered in any register is liable to prosecution, and on conviction, to the punishment prescribed by law.

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