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Gender recognition

The Gender Recognition Register is maintained by the Registrar General at the General Registry. It should be noted that the Gender Recognition Register is not open to the public for inspection or search.

Application to have your gender change registered

For the Civil Registry to be able to register a person’s gender change, they will need to be provided with the following documentation:

  • The original full gender recognition certificate issued under the UK Act
  • A certified copy of the full Isle of Man birth certificate
  • Letter from Gender Recognition Panel
  • Such other documentation as may be determined by the Registrar General from time to time.

Once the documentation is received, a member of the Civil Registry will present them to the Registrar General who will then carry out the necessary due diligence required for the registration to be approved.

A new birth registration entry will be made in the Gender Recognition Register and it will be in the same format as when originally registered. If the original registration took place before 1970 and the applicant wishes the registration to be made in the present format this option is available. In this case the applicant will need to speak to the registrar to find out what additional information is required.

Birth certificates for those that have undergone gender re-assignment

Please note that the production of any records relating to gender recognition is at the discretion of the Registrar General in accordance with applicable statutory provisions.

A birth certificate is the certificate required for all legal purposes and is issued in the name given after gender re-assignment. To apply for a certificate from the Gender Recognition Register or an original birth certificate, you should fill out the Form 1 and send it to the address below.

FAO the Registrar General

Civil Registry

Registries Building

Deemsters Walk

Bucks Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 687039

Email:Send Email

Please note

Anyone who may have a certified copy of the Manx birth register entry of a person issued with a full certificate may have a certified copy of the entry made in relation to the person in the Gender Recognition Register for the prescribed fee. A certified copy of an entry in the Gender Recognition Register does not disclose the fact that the entry is contained in the Gender Recognition Register.

For more information regarding the legalities surrounding gender recognition please refer to the Gender Recognition Act 2009 and to the Gender Recognition Register Regulations 2010.

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