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Winter Bonus

The Winter Bonus is a lump sum payment to help towards the extra costs of heating your home during the winter months. It is paid to you if you receive Income Support in respect of any day in the first week in January (known as 'the relevant week') and meet the qualifying conditions set out below.

Basic qualifying conditions

To be entitled to the Winter Bonus, on any day in the relevant week you must

  • have included in the amount of Income Support you receive an allowance for a child aged under 5 or
  • be in receipt of a premium because you or your partner are of the 'qualifying age' (see below) or in respect of your own (or your partner’s) incapacity or disability or in respect of a disabled child


  • have an allowance towards your housing costs (for example rent, rates or mortgage interest) included in the amount of Income Support you receive (this rule does not apply in the case of a severely disabled person and certain carers and persons responsible for other household fuel costs)

If you are living in board and lodgings or other residential accommodation you cannot qualify for a Winter Bonus.

Only one Winter Bonus is payable per person or per couple.

The qualifying age

'The qualifying age' means

  • in the case of a woman, her State Pension Age and
  • in the case of a man, the age which is the State Pension Age of a woman born on the same day as him

Additional qualifying conditions if you have not reached the qualifying age

If you have not reached the qualifying age by the last day of the relevant week you must also have received a Christmas Bonus in the previous December to qualify for the Winter Bonus.

Limited entitlement

The amount of Winter Bonus payable is limited if you qualify for payment of the Bonus but share your housing costs with another person (other than your partner).

How and when should I apply?

The Winter Bonus is paid automatically, so you do not need to make a separate claim for it. If you are entitled, payment of the Winter Bonus is made with your Income Support. 

Lump sum paid to certain recipients of Income Support £300
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