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Moving to the Isle of Man

Pensions Team

Social Security Division

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Moving from the United Kingdom

There are no immigration barriers between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom. If you want to get a job in the Isle of Man, unless you are an Isle of Man Worker, you will need a work permit. If you need a work permit your new employer will apply for one for you. If you then change jobs, you will need a new permit.

Because of the Reciprocal Agreement with the UK, any National Insurance Contributions you have paid there will have validity in the Isle of Man and vice versa. In fact, your National Insurance account will not be transferred to the Isle of Man until you have been on the Island for more than a year. This means that you will have exactly the same entitlement to all the contributory benefits (such as your Basic Pension) as you did in the UK.

Some Manx benefits require you to have been in the Isle of Man for some time before you can be entitled, some require you to have paid National Insurance Contributions in the Isle of Man for some time and some benefits require you to be an Isle of Man Worker. Certain Social Security benefits in the Isle of Man are higher than those in the UK.

Moving from outside the United Kingdom

If you are moving to the Isle of Man from a country other than the UK, please visit the page about our Reciprocal Agreements. There you will able to see whether the Isle of Man has an agreement on Social Security with your home country and you can find out more about your entitlement to Social Security benefits in the Isle of Man.

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