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Incapacity Benefit

What is it?

Incapacity Benefit (IB) is a contributory benefit which gives financial assistance to people who become sick and are unable to work.

Basic qualifying conditions

To qualify you must be ordinarily resident on the Island at the time of your claim.

You must be under State Pension age, however you may receive Short term Incapacity Benefit at the Retirement Pension rate for up to 52 weeks if the illness or disability:

  • began before you reached pension age, or
  • is linked to a period of incapacity for work before pension age.

Entitlement to IB is based on the National Insurance contributions you have paid. Any savings you may have are ignored when deciding if you will qualify for the benefit.

How much could I get and how am I paid?

IB is paid at one of three basic rates:

  • short term lower rate for the first 28 weeks of incapacity
  • short term higher rate from weeks 29 to 52
  • long term rate after 52 weeks

See Benefit Rates for further details.

No payment is made for the first 3 days of incapacity.

You can be paid either by cheque which can be cashed at a Post Office weekly (Short term Incapacity Benefit) or fortnightly (Long term Incapacity Benefit), or paid into your bank or building society, or by direct credit every 2 weeks directly into a bank or building society account (Long term Incapacity Benefit cases).

How and when should I apply?

The SC1 claim form can be downloaded or requested from the Incapacity Benefits Section.

Incapacity Benefits Section

Social Security Division

Markwell House

Market Street



Telephone:+44 1624 685108/685109

Email:Send Email

A doctor's statement should be provided for any periods over 7 days. Claims should be made as soon as your incapacity commences.

Permitted and voluntary work

There are special rules if you want to try, paid or voluntary work whilst you are in receipt of Incapacity Benefit. For further information please download Section 1 of the Benefits and Contributions Information Guide (see downloadable documents).

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