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Disabled Parking

Disabled Parking Blue Badges are issued to people who are disabled or find extreme difficulty in walking long distances, to enable them to park the vehicle in which they are travelling more conveniently.

If you think that you need this facility, please contact:

Disabled Parking Blue Badge Scheme

Department of Health and Social Care

Third Floor Murray House

Mount Havelock


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 686325

Email:Send Email

The Administrator will send you an application form. Disabled Parking Blue Badges are normally valid for three years, are not linked to any specific vehicle and are issued free of charge. The Badge must not be used by anyone else.

How to use the badge

  • The badge is for use by the holder only.
  • The Badge must be displayed in the vehicle only while it is being used by the disabled person.
  • The Badge must be displayed on the dashboard or fascia panel of a vehicle with the front facing forward – the expiry date, serial number and Disabled sign must be clearly visible and legible from outside the vehicle.
  • In disc parking zones you are allowed to park double the length of the specified time and must display a parking time disc.

Douglas Car Parks

Chester Street and Drumgold Street (M & S)

Normal parking charges apply to all designated Disabled Parking Spaces.  One hour extra parking time is allowed in addition to the purchased parking ticket.

Lord Street, Parade Street, Shaw’s Brow, Bottleneck and Pulrose Road

Normal parking charges apply to all designated Disabled Parking Spaces.

Where to Park

The Badge does not in itself confer any right to park in places where parking is restricted.

You may park in places reserved for the Disabled which may be on a street or in a car park. These places are clearly marked.

Unlike the UK it is illegal for Badge holders to park on double yellow lines.  However, at the discretion of Police and Traffic controllers, parking may be allowed for a short period when impractical for a disabled person to park in an official space.

BUT you may only do this if:

  • the vehicle is not parked within 7m (23 feet) of a road junction.
  • the vehicle is not causing a danger or obstruction to other road users.
  • there is not a loading/unloading ban in operation.
  • the vehicle is not on the zig-zag markings at a pedestrian crossing.
  • there are no double white lines in the centre of the road.

Remember - this is only a concession, it should not be mis-used.  You could be liable to prosecution if mis-used or you park where it is dangerous.

Your duties as a Badge Holder

The purpose of the scheme is to allow you to visit shops and other places.  You should use your Badge with care and attention to the rules.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Badge is used properly.  It is in your own interest that the Badge should retain the respect of other motorists.  Please play your part.

You must not allow any other person to use the Badge.  To reduce the risk of this happening accidentally, remove the Badge from the vehicle whenever you are not using the parking concessions.

You must ensure that the details on the front of the Badge i.e. Expiry Date, Serial Number, Disabled logo remain legible.  If they become unreadable, return the Badge to the Department of Health and Social Care for replacement.

You should not take advantage of concessions if you do not intend to leave the vehicle in which you are travelling, use a car park.  Do not use the Badge simply to allow able bodied people to take advantage of the benefits while you sit in the car.

Mis-Use of a Badge

Mis-use of a Badge is a serious offence.

  • Your Badge can be withdrawn if mis-used.
  • It is a summary offence for able bodied people to use a Badge.
  • The maximum fine for mis-using a Badge is £2000

Travelling off island

The consultation between Isle of Man Government Cabinet Office and UK Authorities has resolved the issue of Isle of Man Disabled Parking Blue Badge use in the UK and other EU member states. However, YOU ARE ADVISED TO CHECK LOCAL RULES AND CONDITIONS WITH THE RELEVANT LOCAL AUTHORITY.

Renewal of Badge

Badges are valid for three years. A renewal application form will be issued prior to expiry of your Badge. If your Badge becomes damaged, illegible, lost or stolen, contact the Disabled Parking Blue Badge Office to arrange replacement.  

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