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School meals

Our school meals service provides a good range of healthy meal choices in order to fulfil some of the daily nutritional requirements of primary school children. Meals meet minimum requirements for protein, zinc, iron and vitamins and don't exceed maximum recommended levels of salt, sugar and fat.

The school meals service serves up some 3,000 meals a day, or well over half a million a year, to primary school pupils.

Menus are on a 4 week cycle (see below) and are completely changed twice a year, in the autumn and spring, to ensure pupils enjoy a variety of foods.

The school meals service welcomes feedback on its meals, new ideas and recipes. For more information on school meals please visit the wiki, telephone +44 1624 685709 or email the school meals office 

Children from families on one or more of the following benefits may be entitled to free school meals when attending schools maintained by the Department of Education and Children:

  • Income based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Employed Person’s Allowance
  • Income Support

You can apply online for free school meals.

For further information contact:

Department of Education, Sport and Culture

Corporate Services Division

Hamilton House

Peel Road


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685820

Email:Send Email

School meals menu

Week 1
Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main course   omelette (V)

Diced potatoes

spaghetti hoops
saute chicken strips

tortilla wrap, potatoes

salad and mayonnaise
meat balls in tomato sauce


wholemeal pasta
minced beef

mashed potato

seasonal vegetables
veg chicken burger (V)

bread roll

sweet potato wedges and salad
Salad bar  sausage roll  jacket potato (V)

grated cheese (V)

hoummous (V)

bread, carrot, cucumber sticks
cornish pasty 
Dessert  tinned peaches

fromage frais
fruit mousse  flapjack  carrot cake  fruit smoothie ice lolly

fruit smoothie
Week 2
Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main course   fish fingers

saute potatoes

garden peas
Chinese chicken


pasta bolognaise (V)

garlic bread

roast turkey

roast potatoes

pepperoni pizza


spaghetti hoops
Salad bar  boiled egg (V) or tuna  smoked mackerel (V)  diced chicken in mayo

jacket potato
cheese pasty (V)  tuna mayo (V)

jacket potato
Dessert currant bun fruit jelly chocolate whirl fruit cocktail and cream millionaires shortbread
Week 3
Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main course   chicken nuggets

diced potatoes

peas and sweetcorn
jacket potato (V)

baked beans

grated cheese
chilli con carne

tacos or wrap


mashed potato

seasonal vegetables
beef burger

bread roll

potatoes and salad
Salad bar  vegetarian sausage roll (V)  tuna bake  vegetable burger  (V)

bread roll
grated cheese (V) or

tunajacket potato
cheese quiche (V) 
Dessert  iced finger  tinned pears

ice cream and fruit sauce  vanilla yoghurt

dried fruit
Week 4
Course Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main course   breaded fish

chopped potatoes

garden peas
beef lasagne

garlic bread


hot dog roll

baked beans

roast potato

cod fish cake

smiley faces

garden peas
Salad bar  vegetarian bake (V)  chicken goujons or cheese (V)

pitta pockets

jacket potato (V)
vegetarian sausage wrap (V)  ham or cheese (V) roll 
Dessert  cheese and biscuits

with grapes
chocolate crunch  tinned peaches and jelly  strawberry sponge

strawberry custard
ice cream and sprinkles 
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