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Benefits abroad

This page will tell you if you can get benefit whilst abroad.

Please contact the Social Security policy section for more details or advice.

You may also find the information on reciprocal agreements, (see useful links), helpful.

Child Benefit (CHB)

  • Yes If the visit is temporary, CHB remains payable for up to 8 weeks.

Special rules apply for a longer absence.

  • No  If the person receiving CHB or the child for whom it is payable leaves the Isle of Man permanently, payment stops from the date of departure.

Employed Person's Allowance

If EPA is already in payment, entitlement continues for the rest of the fixed period of award.

Guardian's Allowance (GA)

GA is payable whilst abroad if the absence of the guardian or child is only temporary and Child Benefit is still payable for the child.

If the guardian or child is going abroad for more than 8 weeks, or permanently, payment stops from the date of departure.

Incapacity Benefit - short term lower rate

  • Yes If the absence is temporary, the same conditions apply as for short term higher and long term rates. See below.


  • No If the absence is to be permanent, IB ceases unless the sickness has lasted for over 26 weeks.

Incapacity Benefit - short term higher and long term rate

  • Yes Short term higher and long term Incapacity Benefit remains in payment for the first 26 weeks of temporary absence from the Island if:
  • the person has gone abroad to get specific treatment for incapacity which began before he left the Island; or
  • he has been sick for over 6 months and remains so for the temporary absence abroad; or
  • he is going (for any length of time) to a country with which the Isle of Man has a reciprocal agreement

Special provisions exist that allow payment to continue beyond 26 weeks if the person is a family member of a member of the Forces:

  • who is abroad and with whom they are living; and
  • where the absence is specifically for treatment of an incapacity which began before leaving the IOM; or
  • they have been incapable of work for the past 6 months and remains so during the absence

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB)

If the person is in receipt of IIDB and goes abroad he can continue receiving benefit as follows:

IIDB and Industrial Death Benefit can be paid anywhere abroad at the full current amount, but you cannot get Industrial Death Benefit for a child unless the child's and/or your absence abroad is only temporary.

Constant Attendance Allowance and Exceptionally Severe Disablement Allowance can be paid to a persons for the first 6 months of a temporary absence abroad (longer in certain cases).

Reduced Earnings Allowance can normally be paid for the first 3 months of temporary absence from the UK if the allowance started before the person left and he has not gone abroad to work. It can sometimes be paid for longer than this.

Unemployability Supplement may be paid for up to 26 weeks if the absence abroad is temporary.

Carer's Allowance (CA)

  • Yes If a person goes abroad for a temporary absence (less than 4 weeks), CA usually remains in payment.

If the carer goes abroad for the specific purpose of caring for the disabled person then it can remain in payment, provided all the qualifying conditions remain satisfied i.e. Attendance Allowance/Constant Attendance Allowance/Higher or Middle Rate Disability Living Allowance remain in payment to the disabled person.

Before going abroad, persons should contact:

Disability Benefits Team

Markwell House

Market Street

Douglas IM1 2RZ

Email:Send Email

Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA)

  • No If a person is absent from the Island for a whole day or more he is not usually entitled to JSA, although in specified circumstances a jobseeker who is temporarily absent from the Island may continue to be entitled to JSA for a specified period.

Persons must contact:

Jobseeker's Allowance Team

Ground Floor

Markwell House

Market Street

Douglas IM1 2RZ

Telephone:+44 1624 685126

Email:Send Email

Or alternatively email us before leaving the Island.

Maternity Allowance (MA)

Same as for Incapacity Benefit (see above).

Retirement Pension, Bereavement Benefits and Widows Benefits

  • Yes They remain in payment.

The rates of these benefits are frozen when living in certain countries. This means that annual increases will not be paid and the benefit will remain in payment at the same rate as that payable when the persons left the Island.

If an absence will be over 6 months, notify:

Pensions Team

First Floor

Markwell House

Market Street



Telephone:+44 1624 685176

Email:Send Email

War pensions

War Disablement Pensions and War Widows Pensions can usually be paid anywhere in the world. If a person is in receipt of a War Pension and intends to live permanently abroad he/she should inform the Veterans Welfare Service as soon as possible:

Veterans Welfare Service

Ground Floor

Markwell House

Market Street

Douglas IM1 2RZ

Telephone:+44 1624 687047

Additional notes

In all cases, before you leave the country, it is advisable that you contact:

Social Security General Enquiries

Markwell House

Market Street



Telephone:+44 1624 685656

Email:Send Email

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