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Department issues consultation on proposed fees for Regulated Care Services

Friday, 17 August 2012

The Department of Social Care has issued a consultation document on the proposed fees for regulating care services on the Island in line with the forthcoming new Regulation of Care Bill. This will result in an increased number of social care and non–NHS care services being regulated and it will require the Department to implement a new fee structure and fee collection process.

Currently fees paid by different care services vary, all of them having been individually decided upon based on historical factors. The new fee structure being proposed will meet a set of agreed principles including fairness, transparency, and an understandable comparison of differences between the care services.

Various options have been considered and the proposed structure has been put forward because it encompasses a set of clear principles, provides a fair framework of fees to all care service providers, and obtains a realistic percentage of cost recovery to support the cost to Government of regulation.

The Minister for Social Care, Chris Robertshaw MHK said:

'I want businesses and individuals to have the opportunity to comment at the earliest opportunity on the proposed fee structure to assess any potential impact to businesses. We are seeking comments to ensure the new fee structure balances the need to support a vibrant care service market whilst obtaining an appropriate percentage of cost recovery to minimise the cost of the regulatory process to the public purse.'

The Department wants to hear views from businesses and the general public. More information about the proposals is available at:

Or you can pick up a hard copy of the consultation document from:

- Tynwald Library, Finch Road, Douglas

- Department of Social Care, Markwell House, Market Street, Douglas

- Registration and Inspections, 3-4 Hill Street

You can submit your views by:

• Completing the online questionnaire online at: Here

• Or emailing:

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