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Cancer patients invited to a ‘give it a go’ afternoon at National Sports Centre

Monday, 5 February 2024

The team at the National Sports Centre (NSC) is inviting individuals who are living with or beyond cancer to a ‘Give it a Go’ Afternoon on 8 February 2024.

The afternoon is in support of World Cancer Day, and is designed to provide information to individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, or who are in remission, about being active with cancer. They will also have the opportunity to try some low impact activities – the schedule involves a brief talk about physical activity and cancer, then Yoga 4 Cancer and Paracise taster sessions, ending with a social opportunity in the café where participants are able to chat to one another and develop new friendships.

You can register for the day by emailing or by phoning the NSC on 688588 or 639740.

The new Yoga 4 Cancer classes will be starting officially on 28 February 2024 at the NSC, initially as a referral class only, meaning that for individuals to attend the class they must be referred by a member of the Macmillan Team or their Manx Care clinical team such as Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists, Oncology Nurses or their own responsible consultant. Each session will cost £3.95 per person.

All attendees of the Yoga 4 Cancer class will be introduced to the Healthy 4 Life scheme, in case they would like to be referred onto the scheme when they feel ready. This is when they can start to access the gym, pool and additional exercise classes.

Senior Healthy4Life Officer, Tom Howard, commented:

'The ‘Give it a Go’ afternoon is great way for us to support those who have been affected by cancer with physical activity and to introduce the new Yoga 4 Cancer classes. We encourage people to come down as it will be an opportunity to formulate new relationships and to interact with like-minded people. For those with cancer or who are in remission, these Yoga 4 Cancer classes are specifically designed with the aim of supporting you to create time and space for yourself.'

Anna Williamson, Macmillan Centre Manager, added:

‘This session is a wonderful incentive to give individuals some stability and an opportunity to take back some control. The teams at Manx Care are more than happy to help those diagnosed with cancer or those in remission referred to the classes if this is something they wish to pursue. This is a positive step forward for patients and service users and could lead to further classes down the line.’

For questions about the event, please reach out to the teams at the NSC on the above contact details or the Macmillan Cancer Support Centre on or + 44 1624 650735.

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